Your words make money! That seems like a great big claim doesn’t it BUT words are the cornerstone of creating conversion in your business. 

I had a chat with Sarah Baker, Copywriter, too chat through the impact of words in your business and what you need to know..

Here’s some of the key takeaways for you; 

  • no-one buys a product because of the logo – your copy is what creates the conversion 
  • your copy needs to have a purpose
  • people want to hear your voice
  • what do they actually need help with?
  • know your crowd and know their pain points
  • if you didn’t buy this thing what would life look like in 6 months AND what if you did something about it 
  • offer the solution
  • Think about the skim readers
  • Don’t terrify people with too many words
  • Always write in the first person!
  • 5 pages is the core of your website
  • People like to be lead and like instruction – call them to action 
  • Your copy is ever evolving

Need Some Content Ideas?

Content Feel Like A Constant Struggle?

If you labour over what to write about or what to talk about in your business and have intermittent or regular content blocks then this freebie is for you.  It’s talking you through 10 ways that will mean that you can come up with LITERALLY HUNDREDS of content ideas in a whiff whaff. 

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