Your Mindset

Your Mindset

A little mantra that I often spout is ~ if the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant. 

Believing in your possibility and potential is MASSIVE. 

Being in a position to back yourself like you back other people is HUGE. 

This isn’t about arrogance or even having the whole big vision nailed with super clarity.  This is about you being able to work with yourself rather than against yourself at each and every stage. 

As Henry Ford was once famously quoted as saying ~ whether you think you can or you think you can’t then you’re right. 

The good news?  This is shit you can work on ~ BUT it’s ridiculously important that you don’t work on it in a way that gets you even more stuck. 

Articles For You To Read

Change Comes With Choice

A little while ago I popped a post on LinkedIn about happiness.  About how we need to prioritise the stuff that makes us happy and how we should seek to be working from a place of alignment and joy.  Pretty simple and impactful message, or so I thought. I do love how...

Being An Entrepreneur Made Me Fat

Let me start this with Skinny does not = success. You don't have to change who you are to run your business or delay "getting out there" until things are just hunky dory.  This isn't about fat being bad and thin being good nor is it that happiness is...

Transform Your Mindset

😀😀 Upgrade Your Mindset, Change Your Life & Transform Your Outcomes 😀😀Buckle up lovely, this might be a long one. If you haven't got time to read it right now then hit the three lines in the top right hand corner and save it for later as it's super...

What If 2019 Wasn’t All Pixies & Unicorns?

We are at the time of year where there's optimism and shiny hope banded about.  It's Christmas ffs! Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle & shine (although you can keep the glitter, I'm not a fan 😂😂).  BUT, what if you have a butchers at the year gone by...

How To Stay Motivated?

Motivation! Yup, I'll need to get motivated, I'll do that once I've got the motivation, I won't be able to do that because I am rubbish at motivating myself ~ blah blah blah blah blah. HOLD ON A SECOND. Stop waiting for motivation. Motivation is fickle...

The Stress Of Running Your Business

Today on the blog I'm having over to the gorgeous Sarie Taylor who's diving into her own story about being a business owner, anxiety and the stresses and strains of running a business.  It's a super good one..... You can check out...

Did You Read Your Memo?

Ever have days when the day to day rind simply seems to just leave you feeling numb.  You’ve passed by the whole “there must be more to life than this” and seem to have sat in the acceptance that this is what it’s all about. A little grim? Particular if you are in the...

Being Self Employed Destroys Self Esteem

This one totally breaks my heart to write but it's so ridiculously true and uber common that I can't ignore it.  Self Employment Destroys Self Esteem.  I know that for stacks of entrepreneurs they come into self employment scared, scared but excited -...

5 Ways Energy Is Showing Up In Your Biz & What You Need To Know

I'm not going to get into the all out Woo Woo in this blog save to say energy is EVERYTHING.  Everything is energy and everything has a vibe attached to that energy.  We know that energy makes us feel certain ways.  You know the time you walked into a room...

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A Head For Business

One the the favouritest all time free Masterclasses here at Rebels & Rockstars.

We are diving right in there and looking at mindset in business and what it takes to make sure you’re working with yourself rather than against yourself.
We will be diving into the most common mindset tripwires in business and what you can do about them.

Big Ass Mindset Bundle

Let’s dive in deep. 

I’ve brought together a bundle of resources that will support you in shifting your mindset and making magickal things happen. 

I absolutely don’t want you to be standing in your own sunshine and stopping yourself making amazing things happen.  Grab the bundle, dive right in and lets rock some changes.

The Memo

Sometimes you just need a short, sharp, kick up the bum! 

Stacks of my gorgeous Rockstars print out this Memo and stick it up in their workspace.  It’s also featured in “I’m A Flippin Rockstars ~ The Journal.” Keeping you & your mindset in check and a shift reminder to crack on & make magic happen.

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