Eeeekkk this one always feels like a BIG statement. 

Your inconsistency causes doubt in your customers minds. 

Are you causing doubt? 

Let’s get started with what consistency even means.  For so many there’s a little confusion on this one.  People talk about consistency all of the time and talk about  just one element that makes consistency.  Lots of us hold onto that one element & allow it to define what consistency means.  

For so many consistency = frequency BUT that’s not the whole story. 

Frequency is an element of consistency but it isn’t the holy grail.  

See, here’s what happens, people talk about being consistent on Social Media and then immediately talk about how often you post and whether or not you are hitting the same times of day.  This bigs about a whole load of “it’s optimal to post 4 times per day on your Facebook page” and, quite frankly, that’s bullshit!  There’s not a magic number of times to post on Facebook.  There’s not a magic time of day to post on Facebook. 

Less is more if more is shite! 

Yup you can’t disappear and expect to create maximum impact BUT you also don’t need to be subjecting yourself to a super strict regime that stifles your creativity, becomes a stick to beat yourself with and a timetable that leaves you feeling “meh.”

So What Does Consistency Actually Mean?

Ok, if consistency doesn’t just equal frequency then what exactly does it mean?

OK so here’s what makes up the consistency mix;

~ A Consistent Message ~

Are you consistent with what you’re talking about?  Are you ensuring your message is borne in your core values? Are you speaking about, writing about and talking about the stuff that’s important to you and your clients.  It doesn’t mean that it has to be repetitive and boring BUT it does mean that you have to make sure you’re covering your core topics, in different ways and ensuring that you aren’t causing your crowd confusion in the process. 

~ A Consistent Look & Feel ~ 

Is it easy to recognise your work visually?  Can I tell that that image relates to your business?  Are you using similar imagery that creates a theme?  Can I make you out on different platforms ~ if I find you on Facebook and scuttle over to Linkedin is there the same feel? 

~ Consistently Showing Up ~ 

Do we see you?  Are you part of your work?  Are you using video? Can I work out the person behind the brand? 

Yes, there’s an element of frequency within this one as people need a butchers of you regularly. 

~ Consistency In Vibe ~ 

Is there an energetic consistency in your work or do you peak & trough? 

People need to create connection.  Think about the vibe that your brand is giving out and whether it’s the vibe you’re looking for. 

~ Consistency In Products ~ 

What do your crowd expect from you.  YES it’s totally ok to shock and thrill them but make sure you’re not running after the pound signs/dollars willy nilly otherwise you’re crowd will become accutely aware of that and disengage quickly. 


We got there eventually.  Yes, how often you show up.  

Remember that less is more if more is shite BUT you can’t down tools, abandon your connection with your crowd and expect them to be fully engaged with you. 

People do need an element of certainty that you’re around and engaged. That you’re present and that you care.  


So what can you actually do to make sure you’re consistent? 

Grab a brew and dive into these; 

  • Take a look at your primary Social Media platforms (the ones you hang out on the most) and see whether you feel you’re clear on your message, you’re clear on who you are and you’re clear on what’s for sale and how you help people.  Is there a photo of you/your products within the last 10 posts?  How often are you posting right now?  Does it feel forced? Are you happy that they are a true reflection of what you & your business are all about? 
  • Now shimmy across different platforms where you business hangs out – it might be different social platforms, it might be your website/blog, it might be selling platforms – do they have the same vibe, look & feel?  Are they all up to date? 

Remember, consistency is a shit tonne more than frequency BUT inconsistency throws your clients mind into masses of doubt. 

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