Oooooohhhh no Facebook is completely doing me over!

Why am I bothering?

No-one is seeing ANYTHING I’m putting out there!

Despite my best efforts my reach sucks.  Should I just give up?  Should I throw in the towel and look for a new platform?  Am I getting this all REALLY wrong?

Ok, ok now steady on lovely.  I see this ALL the time.  Lots of people feel like they are putting massive amounts of effort into their Facebook marketing and they are not yielding ANY results WHATSOEVER.  What do they need to do?  What action do they need to take?

I know that Facebook isn’t the beast that it used to be….

Cue shimmering image…

Once upon a time, NOT all that very long ago, you could open a Facebook Page and…


As if by magic, people would see everything that you posted.  You would get new likes with ease (and not have to pay a penny for them) AND most of the people who liked your page got to get involved in the party.  

Aaaahhhhh, the good old days!

But Facebook is a different beast now, the world got noisier and it’s much harder to be seen and heard.

Add to that the fact that Facebook algorithms change all the time (and before you ask there is NO POINT in even trying to work out how they work.  They are a magic spell from Hogwarts and us Muggles will never get RIGHT to the bottom of their exact ins and outs).

Is reach dead?

No, it’s not.  Organic reach is still there for you to strive for.

I know that lots of people look to others and give the old “ah, it’s all right for them because they have got x, y, z.  They can get reach with ease and it’s ME who suffers.”  NO, stop it already with the “whoa ist me” attitude.  This reach is available for you too.  It takes a little bit of work but it’s yours to have.

So why is Facebook Content Marketing Like Horse Riding?

If you have ever ridden a horse you will know those initial tentative steps you took in order to get on the animal and to start to actually RIDE rather than sit their passively.

At first you will have been bounced about like a little rubber ball.  Your whole body will have had the shock of it’s life (and if you were an adult when you did it then you most likely ached for days too).



You grew in confidence.

You started to get to grips with what you needed to do.

You found your seat.

YOU were in CHARGE rather than the horse.

So, Facebook Marketing and content creation takes a couple of things.  It takes TIME, PATIENCES, CONSISTENCY, TESTING, TWEAKING and EMPATHY.

  • First and foremost you need to know WHO you are talking to.  You need to get really clear on who your fans are, what they like and don’t like, what they need support with and how you are best able to support them.
  • You need to come from a  place of giving.  If you can focus time on building your fan base and providing them with stonking quality content then you will start to form relationships much more quickly and turn those fans into buyers THAN IF YOU were ramming sales messages down their throat.  FACT.
  • You won’t turn this reach thing around in a day.  You need to be patient and implement the steps that it takes in order to really boss your reach.
  • Think about your blend of content. Your content marketing on Facebook should not be a one trick pony.  There are lots of content types that you need to be mindful of.  Think about blending written posts, images, images with text posts, links to your website, links to your freebies, articles/blog posts, shares from other people’s pages and VIDEOS.  Each of these posts can then be broken down into hints and tips, helpful content, motivational posts, funny/amusing posts and posts that let people see a little more of you.  There is no magic recipe to get this mix right. It takes testing and tweaking.
  • Become the statistician!  Boring I know (eeekkk, it actually sounds a little grim now I have written it down) BUT you need to start to look REALLY CLOSELY at what your crowd are responding to.
  • Your stats will then allow you to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. 
  • Tweak regularly, try new things and then take it back to the stats.  Somethings will fall on their bottom, others will fly.
  • Images are key!  Social Media is 2 things; it’s social (so please don’t leave behind who you are and what your business is all about AND it’s visual).  Make sure you are using good images in your business and you are presenting them in a way that reflects on your brand.  If you are using words on your images then please, for the love of all things cute and fluffy, make sure I can read those words and that your font isn’t making me strain my eyes & remember that so many people flick through their timelines at speed >> what is it about your image that will make them stop?
  • Consistency is one of the MOST important things here because you need your content strategy to be consistent, you will only get consistent results if you put in a consistent effort (random effort = random results).  Your crowd will come to rely on you.
  • Every single thing you do on that Facebook Page needs to be designed for your fans and your fans alone.

So why is it like horse riding?  At first you’ll bounce around, you’ll need to try new things, you’ll need to gain your confidence, you’ll need to make sure you are practising and putting in the effort.  Once you find your seat and rythm then everything will become MUCH easier.  Yes, you’ll fall off occasionally BUT more often than not you’ll just have lots of fun!

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