I want your business to thrive, as much as you do.  I’m super invested in the fact that you have infinite amounts of possibility and potential streaming through you & your business and it’s time to unleash it. 

I want you to be able to unleash it without the hustle, without the stress, without the hardship and without it being a burden. 

Your business should be fun, your business should be your baby ~ an extension of you, with your personality traits, that needs nurturing and caring for BUT without the exhaustion and the sleepless nights bit.  

It’s time for adventure – a business adventure, that starts today! 

Let’s get started…


So, you’ve got your business rocking (to some degree) and you’re ready to step in and make some magic happen. 

Before we go any further then let me tell you a little bit about the Supernova Growth Capsule.  

This is the heart of the Rockstar Community where there’s stacks of help & support open to you, on a daily basis, to help you to grow your business in epic ways.  

You’ll never be alone again.  I’m there for you and a whole stack of gorgeous Rockstars there to cheerlead you, add their experience and offer support too! I’m not an absent captain on the ship, I pinky swear that I’m in there with you every step of the way too. 

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Don’t Send Shit Newsletters

Don’t Send Shit Newsletters

Newsletters seem to make people's bum clench.  The thought of sending out the newsletter, the potential for the unsubscribes, the worry of getting it wrong results in lots of people ignoring their email list (or even not building one in the first place). I wanna start...

5 Ways Energy Is Showing Up In Your Biz & What You Need To Know

5 Ways Energy Is Showing Up In Your Biz & What You Need To Know

I'm not going to get into the all out Woo Woo in this blog save to say energy is EVERYTHING.  Everything is energy and everything has a vibe attached to that energy.  We know that energy makes us feel certain ways.  You know the time you walked into a room just after...

What If I’m Not In The Right Lane

What If I’m Not In The Right Lane

I know that this is one that comes up an awful lot for entrepreneurs (and I've not been immune to this one myself either).  What If I'm Not In The Right Lane? Now, one of the things that I'm super good at is being able to see where your lane actually is, often before...

Not An Ordinary Blog Post – I’m Not A Coach

Not An Ordinary Blog Post – I’m Not A Coach

I wanna hold my hand up and make a bit of an admission – I do not identify myself as a coach. I have been stumbling over this one for a LONG time now. I’m not a fucking coach I don’t ever refer to myself as a coach and I have massive resistance to using that...


Your business is an extension of yourself and I absolutely believe that you need to infuse your personality, your values, your beliefs and you throughout your business. 

Being in business isn’t easy (or everyone would be doing it) BUT it also doesn’t need to be hard.  

Make sure you’re avoiding the whole hustle thing but instead you’re working hard on the totality of your business, you’re nurturing it (and yourself) and that you have FUN always! 

I have followed Emma for about 3 years and started working with her at the beginning of January 2020.

I had big plans and someone with a no BS approach to help me with weekly accountability to move forward. You can be so busy working IN the business that you do not take the time to work ON the business. Accountability is incredibly powerful as it is amazing what you do when someone is watching.

Emma is a power house is incredibly intuitive and gifted with knowing the right thing for you and your business at that time. She is also a Life Path 1 in numerology 🙂 so she gets me on a deeper energetic level.

With Emma’s support I am moving forward in my business by keeping an eye on the bigger prizes. Emma is insightful, quick, supportive and makes sure you look after you when you need to! her inner circle mastermind is a supportive place to ask anything and someone knows the answers – saving lots of time so you can move forward. Thank you for all your support. Jo Soley

Jo Soley