Your Business

Your Business

This area is all about flexing your business muscles.  Time to get your business savvy on, move to the next level and continue to develop and evolve your business.  

There’s always something that you can tweak/refine in order to make sure you keep progressing. 

I want you to feel ridiculously confident about your business knowledge and how you can practically execute that into results (no, random theories without actionables here). 

Dive on in a find the ideas flowing for you to make stacks of progress.  

Never be overwhelmed, grab what you need. 

Articles To Read

How Not To Appear Desperate When You Totes Are

Desperation grips and it grips REALLY TIGHTLY, desperation is consuming and it's panicky and it's uncomfortable.  You can sway from rabbit in headlights scared to sobbing in the corner in seconds.  You can doubt your abilities, your value, your pricing,...

Tumbleweed Social Media Sucks

Have you ever looked at your social media and felt like there's simply tumbleweed floating through it?Like you are shouting down a deep dark hole and no-one can hear you?You look on to others who are getting "reactions" and comments galore and wonder what...

Business Optimisation Plan 2020

You might be ready to head into the brand spanking New Year with a roar or equally, you may feel a little flat after all the festivities.  Either way here's some things that you need to know about the year ahead AND how you can optimise your business over...

What If 2019 Wasn’t All Pixies & Unicorns?

We are at the time of year where there's optimism and shiny hope banded about.  It's Christmas ffs! Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle & shine (although you can keep the glitter, I'm not a fan 😂😂).  BUT, what if you have a butchers at the year gone by...

Don’t Send Shit Newsletters

Newsletters seem to make people's bum clench.  The thought of sending out the newsletter, the potential for the unsubscribes, the worry of getting it wrong results in lots of people ignoring their email list (or even not building one in the first place). I...

Did You Read Your Memo?

Ever have days when the day to day rind simply seems to just leave you feeling numb.  You’ve passed by the whole “there must be more to life than this” and seem to have sat in the acceptance that this is what it’s all about. A little grim? Particular if you are in the...

5 Ways Energy Is Showing Up In Your Biz & What You Need To Know

I'm not going to get into the all out Woo Woo in this blog save to say energy is EVERYTHING.  Everything is energy and everything has a vibe attached to that energy.  We know that energy makes us feel certain ways.  You know the time you walked into a room...

Comparing Yourself To Others Will Keep You Stuck

A wrote this article a little while ago BUT I know that it needs a little edit and a brand new airing.  It went a little something like this.... At the time of writing this article a new podcast episode has just hit the listings which's all about not...

£218 to £2,000 + per month – a case study

I adore transformational change.  I adore working with my 1-2-1 clients to create HUGE shifts in terms of both their business and where they are in terms of their mindset, confidence, clarity and the way in which they are showing up for both themselves and...


How To Come Up With Hundreds Of Content Ideas FAST

You should never ever be struggling and grappling with what you should be writing or recordings about.  There’s an absolute fountain of content ideas already inside of you and within your grasp just ready for you to dive into.  Grab this free ebook which will take you through 10 ways you can have streams and streams of topics to cover.  Block out a little time and dive into them all, pick one per day or week and start to create your own content bible or simply pick up when in need of a little inspo ~ how you use it is completely up to you but never, ever be stuck for something to talk about. 

Revive Your Money Moxie

This programme has made lots of gorgeous Rockstars LOTS of money! It’s all about getting back into the selling groove. 

Whether you feel like you’ve just lost your mojo when it comes to sales or you’ve got something particular you need to pay for then this programme is epic!

Revive Your Money Moxie is designed to help you to make money FAST but also to focus on longevity too. 

Grab your seat, dive into my signature 5 phases process to getting the sales rolling again.

Suss Your Sales Pages

Wow!!! Sales Pages can be such a biggie. 

Most people fall into one of two camps

1) you either resist it, ignore it, hope it’ll go away and then feel like you have to do it and then overthink it and procrastinate over it

2) rush through it as quickly as possible to get the tasks off your desk. 

This ebook & workbook will help you find your sales page writing mojo!

There’s absolutely no need for sales pages to keep you stuck anymore 💖

Nail Your Business Photos

Need a photo shoot but have no idea where to start, what you should be thinking about and how to plan the shoot and what you want to get out of it.  Whether you’re going DIY or you’re going to get a professional shoot this ebook and planner will help you to get the very best from your photoshoot and have pictures that you’ll WANT to use in your business.

No-One Wants A Webshite

This website guide is going to take you through the layout of a website and what you need to be thinking about as you bring together each page and it’s purpose.  Dive in to the hints, tips and checklist that will support you to bring together a website you’re proud of. Whether you’re checking in with what you’ve got or starting (over) this’ll help…

Hacks To Help You Go Pro

In this one we are diving into things like up-selling, re-targeting and other epic little tricks and tools that will help you to move your business forwards to the next level.

Please don’t panic if you don’t know what I’m even talking about, all will become clear!