It’s All About You

So whilst I’ve divided your view up into YOU, YOUR BUSINESS & YOUR MINDSET to make it super easy for you to decide where you need to start IN FACT all three elements are equally as important to building a business that’s super aligned and super duper for you.  

Let’s head into YOU….

You are THE most important asset in your business. 

You are the USP (unique selling proposition).  If you pop it into Google (other search engines are available but I don’t know anyone who isn’t using Google or Safari to be fair 😂) then this comes back ~ “a feature or characteristic of a product, service, etc. that distinguishes it from others of a similar nature and makes it more appealing.” 

You are the magnet or repellent in your business. 

I often say that you wouldn’t buy an all singing, all dancing computer and kick it every time you walked past it now would you?! 

In order for your business to function at an optimum then you need to be taking care of yourself.  

This section of the site is ALL ABOUT YOU 😍😍

Check Out Some Articles 

Change Comes With Choice

A little while ago I popped a post on LinkedIn about happiness.  About how we need to prioritise the stuff that makes us happy and how we should seek to be working from a place of alignment and joy.  Pretty simple and impactful message, or so I thought. I do love how...

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Being An Entrepreneur Made Me Fat

Let me start this with Skinny does not = success. You don't have to change who you are to run your business or delay "getting out there" until things are just hunky dory.  This isn't about fat being bad and thin being good nor is it that happiness is...

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Business Optimisation Plan 2020

You might be ready to head into the brand spanking New Year with a roar or equally, you may feel a little flat after all the festivities.  Either way here's some things that you need to know about the year ahead AND how you can optimise your business over...

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What If 2019 Wasn’t All Pixies & Unicorns?

We are at the time of year where there's optimism and shiny hope banded about.  It's Christmas ffs! Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle & shine (although you can keep the glitter, I'm not a fan 😂😂).  BUT, what if you have a butchers at the year gone by...

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How To Stay Motivated?

Motivation! Yup, I'll need to get motivated, I'll do that once I've got the motivation, I won't be able to do that because I am rubbish at motivating myself ~ blah blah blah blah blah. HOLD ON A SECOND. Stop waiting for motivation. Motivation is fickle...

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What Ya Even Scared Of?

What ya even scared of?  I question I kinda posed to myself at the end of 2018 when I decided to embark on a year of change and a question that I've been asked this week when it comes to my fitness journey ~ so what were you scared of?  If you've not read...

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Being Self Employed Destroys Self Esteem

This one totally breaks my heart to write but it's so ridiculously true and uber common that I can't ignore it.  Self Employment Destroys Self Esteem.  I know that for stacks of entrepreneurs they come into self employment scared, scared but excited -...

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Can Hiking Help Your Business?

Quite a niche title for today's blog, I think you'll agree.  One I wanted to share with you is about the impact that #hikeclub has had on me over the last few months.  I jointly founded a monthly adventure that is #hikeclub with the lovely Sarah Cornforth,...

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Check Out The Free Resources 

The Change Matrix

THE most popular free resource of 2019 is here! The Change Matrix is the guide that will support you to rock the changes in any area of your life or business. 

Change can seem super difficult.

It might be that right now you know that you need to rock some changes in your world but you’ve no idea what needs to change or how to go about it OR you might be crystal clear on the changes that need to happen but you just don’t seem to be able to bring them together.

I get it.

I want you to know that the catalyst for change AND the execution of that change CAN be super simple.  No dragging your butt through will power or forced action.

I’ve popped together a robust guide to get you started.


Tip Top Energy

It’s hugely important to keep your energy tip top!

Your energy is flowing into all parts of your business and is either super duper magnetic and progressive or, at the other side of the coin, can be repulsive, stagnant and sticky.  I’m guessing you want your energy to be tip top.

I get that for stacks of entrepreneurs they aren’t in any way a priority as they seek to build their business, wrestle with thoughts about never having enough time as well as helping and supporting every one else. BUT you can only give your very best if you are able to function at a more optimal level.

If you do nothing else for you this week, grab a brew and take half an hour with this bad boy.


Glow Up

You can get INSTANT access to the 2 amazing Masterclasses I ran live in summer 2019.  

I dive into the practical steps that you need to take in order to ring the changes in your life and business.  I don’t want you to keep running your business at the expense of your health and I want to show you that prioritising YOU will ultimately lead to more success.

I will be covering what’s in this blog in more detail as well as setting yourself up for success, bad days, curve balls and much more.

The feedback from these classes was absolutely incredible ~ lightbulb moments, epiphanies and life/business changing action was taking place almost immediately 🙌


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