I am my own biggest critic!  No-one can be more critical of me than me!

Is that a bad thing?

Well I suppose it depends and I suppose the biggest factor is that whether your critical eye over what you do is purely focusing on the negatives and getting stuck in destructive thought patterns as a result.

Being critical isn’t a BAD thing. I feel that it’s been a major contributor to my business growth.  I am always prepared to take a look at the good, the fabulous, the bad and the ugly and take the learning points from what I have been doing and the results that has allowed me to achieve.  It allows me to constantly evolve and grow and I never stagnate because I’m always looking at ways forward.

I talked about this in a live recently and if you wanna check out the replay I’ve popped it below….

So, I’m talking about critical from the analysing sense of the word and not the picking apart and making yourself cry sense of the word BUT that’s also super relevant in this conversation too….


So, I changed the banner picture on my Facebook Page a little while ago – my beautiful graphic designer (Vicki Nicolson – Branding Therapy) send me the first one through and I loved the concept but said – eeehhhh we can’t just that photo, I look so jowly in that one! Too much chinage!

Now, you’re going to see it immediately as I’ve pointed it out to you BUT she said that she saw a picture that was full of energy, warm and enigmatic, that it was on brand and lovely. She was right, I wasn’t. She saw what other people saw but all I saw was the chinage!

Yes I loved the concept and yes the one you see came from the concept BUT I wouldn’t have comfortably and confidently worked on my Facebook page if I saw all those chins!

VAIN – yes!

Lessons? Other people don’t see what you see when it comes to you & your stuff – they don’t see the imperfections (and don’t get me wrong I’m perfectly happy with my imperfections and comfortable totally with who I am). I decided to go with a picture I liked better because it would mean I could keep my energy high on my page. Did it loose me any time – NO. Did it keep me stuck – NO. It’s important that when you are overthinking stuff (like the pictures of you, the stills you use on video posts, your website etc etc etc) that you think about whether you seeking your perfection (or dealing with a little vanity) is going to stop you from serving your crowd. Other people aren’t going to see what you see. I’m here to show up, just as I am, but if I can have less chin-age then that’s cool too!

The Moral Of This Blog? 

Being critical is good for business ✅

Looking at ways your can improve and evolve is good for business ✅

Vanity may seek in and it’s your role to recognise it and decide whether it gets a place at the table.  I’m not saying ignore it because if you ain’t comfortable with something then you will NEVER EVER give it your best when it comes to marketing it or driving traffic to it and you’ll always kinda wanna hide it. ✅

You will see what others don’t ✅

Put your critical eye over things (do it subjectively and objectively where you can) BIT don’t get stuck in negativity, get an outside opinion as it might simply be that you are too close ✅

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