It’s not a choice between impact & income

Let me introduce you to Sarah.  Sarah is an absolute Rockstar.  She came to working with me in September 2019.  Sarah was feeling a little bit perplexed.  She was in the situation where her business was doing good! She was consistently turning over around £3k per month but she knew that there was more in there. 

She was working really hard.

She didn’t have any additional hours left to give to her business. 

She’s a single mum of a teenage son and didn’t want to end up in the position where she was working every hour of the day. 

She also wanted to make sure she was pursuing the right things. 

Sarah felt that there was a glimmer but didn’t TRULY believe that her business had the legs to create a HUGE amount of income for her without her having to self sacrifice and she simply didn’t want to do that. 

Sarah was stuck. 

We worked together on Sarah’s offering.  She knew that she didn’t want to compromise the impact she was making, she didn’t want to scrimp on the help that she was able to afford her clients and she didn’t want people to gain the perception that she was profiteering from their distress and woes. 

Sarah helps families.  Sarah helps families who need addition support to navigate challenging behaviour.  She sees parents at their absolute wits end and helps them to navigate their way through choppy waters to a calm harbour (perhaps she’s actually a lighthouse).  Why do I tell you this?  People often have the perception that people who are able to massively increase their income have some sort of sexy product to sell, something with the allure.  When I was a lawyer in the corporate world, I dealt with family law, child protection and domestic violence, we called what we did “a distress product.”  People never want to need your services but when they do there life feels like it’s turned to shit.  Sarah has a distress product.

What Did We Do? 

We looked at focusing on where we were able to maximise her income with what she already had in her pocket.  Which products and services did she currently have available that she wasn’t making the best of?  We went about maximising those.  These included her leveraged offerings, her books and her connections. 

We looked at where she had opportunities that she hadn’t realised yet.  She realised those.

  • We looked at sustainability.
  • She didn’t work longer & longer hours. 
  • She capatalised on what she had
  • She took the opportunities that were around her
  • She leveraged her time to support more people with every given hour she had (increasing her impact)
  • We refined her messaging (and started to tell people that she could actually help them rather than hiding the sales message)



Membership Group sign ups INCREASED

In July 2020 her £3k a month income became £30k (yup, THIRTY THOUSANDS POUNDS IN THE MONTH). 

She makes MORE impact.

She helps MORE families.

She’s fucking EPIC!

Be like Sarah!

The End! 

Want To Change Your Income? 

Increase Your Impact, Increase Your Sales

It’s not one or the other AND you certainly don’t have to sell your soul, or your Granny in the process.  

The sell well programme supports you to create an eco-system in your business that will elevate your confidence, your business and your sales.  All without ever feeling uncomfortable. 

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