I suppose that that’s a good one to muse over.  I have written articles in the past about whether or not you always get what you expect and whether we are always shaping our own realities and opportunities and to a greater degree it’s true.  We totally get what we expect to get and whether or not you are forgetting that the world is absolutely your oyster will have a direct impact upon the reality you are faced with.

You are a conscious creator, have you ever noticed that those who are filled with doom and gloom and whoa ist me often attract more of that experience into their world.

I want to just pop a little disclaimer on this one because sometimes shit simply happens;

The Shit Stick Doesn’t Always Hit Those Who “Deserve” It 

I want you to know that you didn’t necessarily attract it – it’s not always the law of attraction, the law of reflection or karma at work. Sometimes shitty things happen in life and it wasn’t something you brought on yourself.

Life often deals a shit stick – just because, no spiritual reason, no fact you drew in the experience.

I’m sure that they’ll be lessons to learn and a strength to recognise it BUT whilst you knee deep in it it simply feels like SHIT.

If you need to hear it today then I hear you, life does it sometimes, it throws something at you and it leaves you feeling depleted in oh so many ways.

As Maya Angelou says “AND still I rise” and I know that it might not feel like any reassurance in the moment but you’re a warrior.

So, I think that the thing is that you need to make sure that you recognize that in any given moment you have the ability to change and re-shape your reality.  You have the ability to make a conscious choice as to whether or not you are going to stay stuck or whether you are going to play a “plot twist” card and move off in a different direction.

For me, the world absolutely is our oyster but the big lesson has been not to get too attached to the outcome of things.  The Universe works in ways that ensure that you get the place that you need to go ultimately and it might be an outcome you envisaged or it might be something completely different, perhaps that you hadn’t even considered possible.

Make sure that you are taking a hold and taking control and working with possibility and potential always.

Life won’t always be easy and there will be times where you are dealt the shit stick and you didn’t deserve it BUT it will always help you to grow and evolve if you are prepared to see the lessons, potential and possibility that shines out.