For at least 5 years now I’ve worked in a much more flexible way.  

When I first started out in business I had a whole load of rigidity that flowed through the things that I did.  I probably needed that structure at that point.  Certain days would be allocated to certain types of tasks and I would have space for all the elements of business.  Perhaps I was trying to ensure that I didn’t miss anything.  Perhaps it was about being in control of something when things all seemed brand spanking new. 

Over the years I stepped into a much more fluid way of working.  WHY?  Because it meant that I could work with myself rather than against myself.  I wasn’t trying to squeeze out a blog post on the days that I didn’t feel an ounce of creativity or that I wasn’t forcing a Facebook post simply because today was the day that I would have to write all my Facebook posts.   

I knew that the rigidity that I can be working with was keeping me stuck and that things had to change.  

Moving Into Fluidity 

It might be that right now you feel that your hand is being forced into a more fluid way of working.  Your day to day may well have changed and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all that appears to be on your plate.  

It’s time to think about things slightly differently.  

There’s some things that you need to know first; 

➡️ What stuff is and isn’t important in your business/life? 

Let’s have a little look…

The Shit Sorter & Focus Creator

When you’re tight on time it’s truly important to focus in on the stuff that needs your time, effort, energy & attention and know the stuff that drains it.

I do a super simple task that I like to call the Shit Sorter which allows me to see which tasks are important to KEEP DOING, which things I should STOP doing and that are simply a waste of my time and which things I should START doing.

Knowledge is power! Where you spend your time is super important and spending it wisely. 

Your To Do List

Time to think about the tasks, what you ACTUALLY need to be doing.  A list will make it easier for you to use your time more effectively.  It’ll mean that you don’t sit down at your computer and experience either massively OVERWHELM or start to mess about with flicking through social media because you simply have no focus.  

Using your time productively is key. 

Here’s a little example…

Clarity On The To Do List

Now, it’s no good having a whole heap of very vague/broad/overwhelming tasks written down that you have to get done.

Equally, it’s not a good idea for you to just have work time and have no idea what you are going to tackle.

I advocate #rockstar15.  This is all about chunking things down in 15 min, actionable tasks.

I’m also chunking those tasks down into those that need focused/attention time and those that I can do as a blend activity (whilst helping the kids etc). 

The Fluid Plan

I’m not advocating a whole load of rigidity.  Remember that this is about working more flexibly.

Normally I would have my client appointments booked and work with absolute flexibility during the remaining hours during the week.  I usually don’t work Wednesdays.

I would then have an active to do list for the week – from above and simply pick the tasks that I was in the mood to work on at any given point in time.  I’d only ever be allocating time for tasks that I know I resist (i.e. my accounts).

BUT right now things are a little different…..

The Week

I’m still not getting super anal about what I’m doing when BUT I’m allocating my CAVE TIME.  The CAVE TIME is my focused work time.  The time where I’m going to get shit done. 

I’m going to sit down and blast through my to do list. 

You’ll be absolutely amazed and how much work you get done in as little as 15 minutes if you’re focused on what you need to do and simply CRACK ON with it.  

I still have my client calls, I have my fluidity list of non-thinky tasks that I can add in and I have my focused work blocks (which can either be pre-planned or not). 

So, What It’s Actually All About? 

✔️Focusing on the important things that will keep you moving forwards and discarding the shit that actually, in reality, doesn’t need doing. 

✔️ Knowing that work you have to do across the week 

✔️ Dividing tasks up into 15 minutes chunks of activities 

✔️Dividing tasks up into those that needed focused attention time and those that you can do a little more on auto pilot. 

✔️Work with your creativity rather than against it. 

You can get hold of all these templates right now to start to create your flexible plan…

The Flexible Working Pack

Dive in and grab all of the templates that I’ve shown you in those blog together with the Productivity Bible (which will give you even more hints and tips, checklists & solutions to working more flexibly right now).

I absolutely want you to make the best of the time you have available to work and hopefully this will be super helpful.

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