It feels like stacks of people are seeking to adapt to the whole working from home thang right now.  It almost feels humorous for us who have done it for stacks of time.  BUT it also feels like our little hidden world might just have been uncovered by the masses too 😱 Eeeekkkk, the secret IS out!

BUT, this current version of working from home isn’t the same is it?

So what’s changed right now for you Holmesy?

Well everything & nothing I suppose is the answer.

BUT, I’ll dive a little deeper than that.

Obvs I totally used to working at home. I’m used to having periods of time at home when I’m working and the kids at a home too (school holidays) and I have some experience of adapting.

This isn’t the same as school holidays (I’m sure you’ll agree) and the adaption has been very different to rolling into the holidays. The kids can’t play with their friends in real life. We can’t just nip out willy nilly and calling in help from others isn’t an option. Added to that is homeschooling.

The 2 words I’ve been using A LOT is FLUIDITY & FLEXIBILITY.

We are blending.

We are working together (perhaps the theme tune is High School Musicals ~ We’re All In This Together).

The days/weeks have changed quite significantly (shout up if you want me to share what my week has look like in detail to help you).

We have some non-negogitables;

➡️ we all use our exercise token daily

➡️ everyone is ready to get on with their respective projects, dressed by 9am (I think that it’s as important for the little people as it is for me to maintain a routine around this).

➡️ School work gets complete.

➡️ There’s elements of that school work that is independent learning so that they are able to learn the skills of self discipline and time management, cracking on with a task brings a huge sense of achievement.

It’s important that you are realistic with your SELF EXPECTATION. I simply WON’T get as much work done as I would if they were at school. It’s not possible. I am not running myself into the ground in a quest to even see if I could.

I have ring fences smaller time frames for getting shit done. I’ve worked a couple of days from 3pm-6pm and got stacks done where I’ve needed to concentrate and shut myself away.

I’m diving my time up to tasks I can do in a blended manner – those I can pick up and put down, those that are smaller and easy to tick off tasks and those that don’t require as much concentration and peppered them into my day.

The more complex tasks or those that need more attention I’ve put into the ring fences time.

I’m concentrating on the IMPORTANT tasks;

1️⃣ What do my customers & clients need right now?

2️⃣ What can I do to serve the pants off my crowd today?

This week I’ve also gone back to my original content/work plans for April. You don’t need to veer from the track that you had envisaged.

I have maintained daily exercise, hydrating well, yummy nutrition and movement ~ that’s vital to me staying well.

Shout up if you like me to share my schedule from the week for a little inspo.



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