I’m sitting down to pen this bad boy at 9.37pm ~ I’m not doing that because I’m being mean to myself and making myself work deep into the night BUT I’m doing it because I want to.  The house is quiet and I feel inspired to write.  This week I am putting the finishing touches to a book I’ve been working on for a little while but I knew that I wasn’t in the mood to dive into that and instead I fancied writing a little update/blog post.

I wanted to write it 2 fold and look at 2 separate but both ridiculously important points;

Work With Your Creativity

I am writing now because I feel creative and I feel inspired NOT because my schedule tells me that I have to be writing just now.

When I first started out in business I broke down my week, with set days for doing set tasks.  It went a little something like this;

Monday ~ List Building & E-Newsletter creation (get it in the bag for the end of the week)

Tuesday ~ Social Media Posts (get as many pre-scheduled for the next 7 days as physically possible)

Wednesday ~ Blogging (as many as you can muster gal)

Thursday ~ Design/Graphics & Website & video recording

Friday ~ Learning & Development

Now, I’m a big fan of making sure that you do get all of these elements into your week.  It’s important that you are connecting with your audience and if you never write or create then you can’t do that.  I know the tasks and activities that I want to include in my week now and therefore it’s much easier to work with my creativity rather than shoe horning myself into a rigid routine.

I remember occasions when I sat and looked at my list and the things that were on there weren’t lighting me up in the slightest.  The sight of the list made me fall directly into content constipation.

I’m not saying that having a list of tasks is a bad thing by ANY MEANS.  I LOVE 💖 a list and I always have a list beside me (>>I use these<<).  I no longer allocate tasks to certain days.  I write when I am in the mood to write and therefore it flows with much more ease and grace.  I record when I want to record.  I write much more stuff in the moment and because I’m feeling it and want to share it rather than because I have to.

I think that the shift is possible once you start to trust yourself a little more and let go of holding on to as much control as you perhaps have/had been.  Loosen the lead and your creativity will guide the way.

Totes, you sometimes have to do shit you don’t want to do and that’s always going to be the case BUT when you are working with your creativity those jobs can be slot into your week in a more organic fashion and you’ll be stacks more productive too.

Listen To Your Own Advice & Act On Your Ideas

Told you that these were totally different but this working with yourself is about listening to your own advice ~ what would you tell a friend or client who was in this situation?  It’s deffo easier to give out the advice than take it and sometimes you need to have that mirror turned directly back at you ~ perhaps you can ask a friend/accountability buddy or someone at home to have that question to hand “what would you tell someone else to do” because often therein you will find your answer.

The other element is also about your general advice.  Are you spouting about self care and not doing it?  Are you talking about e-marketing and not doing it?  Are you walking your talk in your business?

I would never ask any of my Rockstars to do anything in business that I wasn’t prepared to do myself and therefore it’s massively important that I walk my talk.

Act on your ideas ~ wow, this one might just blow your mind! If you implemented all the ideas you already have about moving your business forwards what would happen?  You stopped sitting on things and waiting for the perfect day at the perfect time, or until you had XYZ,000 followers or people on your list or stopped putting it off because you feel a bit scared or out of your depth.

Spend a little time looking back through your notebooks, journals, apps where you have added in your ideas and pick one to implement NOW ~ this week.

Because I’ve worked with my flow and rather than against it I’m signing off at 9.52pm.


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