It’s so easy to get STUCK.  The annoying thing is that being STUCK causes more STUCK.  In today’s podcast we are going to look into the reason why you might not be making progress right now and what you can do about it.

Let’s dive in….

I introduced you to Potent Progress during this episode so here’s some more details if you want to find out more….


I know that for so many of my Rockstars the last thing that they need is another programme.  They already know stacks and if they just implemented what they already know they’d literally astound themselves as to how much progress they could make.  That’s why I’ve brought together the Potent Progress concept.

I’d love to help you to take the action that’s important in your business.  Inspired action, with the ideas you already have and the stuff you already know.

Let’s do this!

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

Emma Holmes Rebels & Rockstars