Here’s the thing, sales pages THE most bum clenching job for entrepreneurs #fact 

You know the drill, que procrastination, overthinking, overwhelm, a heaviness (that even perhaps feels like dread).  “It’s such a big job” you tell yourself or go into a whole speil inside your head about the fact that you don’t even know what you’re doing. 

You might venture about and look at a few and try to pick up some clues (for the love of all things NEVER EVER copy them).  You might avoid looking elsewhere because the dialogue goes (que a whingy voice) “yours will never be that good” “who do you think you are”  “no one will buy from you anyway” blah blah blah.  

You’ve tied yourself in knots before the pen has even hit the paper (or the fingers gone tippy tap on the keyboard).  

Jeez, it’s exhausting. 

Maybe you’ll leave it for today. 

NOPE 👎 You can get my FREE Sales Page checklist in The Vault (details are at the bottom of this post so don’t scoot off just yet) and I’m going to tell you about some of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make with their sales pages…

More Focus On Pain Than Outcomes

Jeez louise, I’ve seen some sales pages that certainly haven’t brought me in the mood to spend.  The doom & gloom is tangible and it’s not then countered with any of the good stuff.  

Yeah, your crowd need to know that you get where they are right now. 

Yeah, they need to know that you resonate with their position and that this is the right place of them to be. 

Yup, highlighting the problem allows you to show that you have the solution BUT so often that solution isn’t then made clear to them.  

The consequence of this is that often, without intention, upon reading that sales page the stuck gets compounded a little further.  The bright and shiny that they should be focused on is overshadowed ~ kinda like a big dark cloud sitting over a Bank Holiday weekend 😂

This happens because there’s so much provocation out there to pick the scab, to focus on the pain points and this out shouts and overshadows the need to ensure that the scales are equalised with what those outcomes are and what’s in it for them to actually invest in the solution to their problems.  

An Incomplete Sales Page 

Perhaps once you have committed to getting it done and out there you’ve simply rushed through it to finish it as quickly as you possible can and remove yourself from the whole uncomfort of it ASAP! I get it! None of us wanna sit in discomfort for longer than necessary. 

An incomplete sales page results in confusion and a confused mind simply CANNOT buy. 

It could be the above ~ that you haven’t focused on the outcomes. 

It could be that you have assumption presumption is present ~ you are writing it with the curse of knowledge, assuming that your crowd already understand what you’re talking about and presuming that they have either seen other stuff from you or worked with you before or are privy to the information that’s inside your head (they aren’t 😬). 

Focusing On Being Cheap

I’ll often review a sales page for a client where they are falling over themselves to tell me how cheap they are, how small the price tag is and how it’s “affordable.”

Then I read what they are promising to do for me and the two things simply don’t tally.  Immediately my inner alarm bells are a ringing that this all seems too good to be true.  You can fix everyone of my problems for just £2.50 🤔 I’m not convinced. 

Remember that your work is an “investment” and not a  “cost” and that people are equally as scared of things not tallying up and seeming too good to be true as they are that things don’t tally up because they feel the price tag is too high.  

The consequence is that they are frightened to buy from you.  

When the inner alarm sounds on the “too good to be true aisle” we usually listen. 

Non Tangible Outcomes 

These are the types of outcomes that appear incredibly wooly.  The outcomes that people don’t quite feel that they can place a value on.  

Yup, outcomes seems to be featuring heavily in this list but getting these bad boys right can supercharge your conversion rate.  

People don’t prioritise a financial investment in things that feel wooly or non-descript to them.  

Now, I know that you know that even the wooliest outcome actually isn’t wooly at all because it’s a catalyst.  Say for example you’re talking about having more confidence (wooly) but that will enable your crowd to………<< those dots are where you can more tanigle and specific outcomes. 

No Attention To The Uncomfort Of Addressing This

Some people are invested in their stuck. 

Some people gather and gain attention from their stuck. 

Some people have their stuck ingrained in their story and use it as a description of themselves.  

Now, one thing that I know lots of entrepreneurs are blind sided by if the resistance to the process in between the stuck and the awesome.  We assume that everyone will want to work with the solution now that we have presented it to them.  Yeah, some will.  BUT take a moment to consider those who are scared or resistant to that journey, who feel that they are setting themselves up to fail or that have a whole stack of dialogue about why it won’t work for them.  

You Lucked Out! 

I’m doing a live training on these things for the members of The Vault on Thursday 24th June 2021 called “Suss Your Sales Pages” and I am inviting you to join us.  It’s completely FREE.  Simply join The Vault below and make your way to the Facebook group!  

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