Creating content for your business can feel like you’re stuck in feeding a very hungry beast.  All those social media platforms need feeding as well as your blog and your newsletter and all that other stuff that feels like it needs a whole tonne of content adding to it on a regular basis.

The creation of content for your business can feel like a full time (and the rest) kinda job.

You can sway between content constipation and the feeling that it flows but consistency never seems to be an achievable.


I hear ya!

I know that content used to be a HUGE drain on my time.  I LOVE creating content and when I’m in the mood to write the words totally just flow from my fingers.  I’ve written a whole book in 49 hours so when I’m in a good place I can totally nail the creation of content BUT I became a bit of a content whore and would produce an overwhelming amount of content.  On the days it didn’t flow I would beat myself up and tell myself that it was all over, the flow had been taken away from me.

I had to stop the cycle of content creation and I had to make sure I wasn’t overwhelming my crowd with the levels of content I was producing and then struggling through creating content at other times.

It was time to implement a content strategy rather than just throwing content out there all the time because it’d took my fancy to write it.

Your content feels chaotic when you feel like you’re simply feeding the beast.  It feels scattered and it feels like you’re just throwing everything until something sticks.

It’s because you haven’t got a strategy for bringing together and distributing your content.

Let’s look at it further….

Don’t Mix These 2 Up 

One of the biggies that I see lots of gorgeous Rockstars struggle with is a mix up between consistency and frequency.

They feel obliged to feed the beast that is social media several times every day and that they just need to keep pumping content out there until something sticks.

Consistency & frequency, whilst in some ways are intertwine, aren’t the same thing.  Frequency is merely part of consistency.  YES, you want to put content out there on a regular basis and you need to work out what “regular” means to you and your business.  You don’t need to be pumping Facebook with a gazillion posts per day or posting multiple times on Instagram.  Think about your frequency as being your own schedule for showing up and make it achievable.

Remember ~ less is more if more is shite.

Consistency is also about the message that you’re putting out there, consistency in the language you use, the imagery you use, the tone of your posts and the things you talk about.  It’s not all in the frequency.

5 Things To Think About When It Comes To Content Creation 

(1) Idea Creation

So this would be your “go to” place where you store all of your ideas for the content you want to share with your crowd.  I make sure that I’m capturing content ideas as I get them and that I am putting all of those ideas into one place so that when it comes to the creation of content I always have a stack of ideas to work through.

I also have regular brain download sessions where I look at the things I know my gorgeous Rockstars are struggling with, my specialist subjects and generating ideas I can use over the coming weeks/months. Again, I’m storing those in one place.

I also schedule in when I’m going to work with certain ideas so that it makes sense with my Road Mapping.

(2) Road Mapping

Think about the purpose of each piece of content and where that content leads.  Is the content to build authority?  Is it leading people in the direction of a product?  Is it solving a pain point and helping them to get into a better position to move forwards (and ultimately buy from you)?  Is it to establish/enhance relationships? Is it based in humour/light hearted (social media is social after all)?

Thinks about;

  • Behind the scenes content
  • Information/advice/teaching content
  • Know/Like & Trust content
  • Inspirational/motivational content
  • Sales/Call to Action Content
  • Humorous/Lighthearted Content

Always think about the content type, the outcome you want it to achieve and how that fits into the products/programmes you have for sale.

(3) Relevance

One that I always keep top of mind is relevance.  Is what am I about to share SUPER relevant to my crowd?  All of the content that you create in your business MUST be created for your crowd.  Tune in and make sure that you’re sharing that thang for their benefit and not yours.

(4) Content Cascade

This is how you get the best out of your content and ensure that it’s not simply a one trick pony.  We all only have so many ideas we can share AND we all want to get the very best from the content we create.

Think about the medium of delivery – could you change that written piece into a video or an audio, could that FB post becomes a blog?  Could that blog become a podcast?

Equally, it’s important to ensure that you’re sharing your content on as many platforms as you can to ensure that you are getting as many eyes on what you’ve worked on as possible.

(5) Content Webbing

This is all about how your content fits together and creates a larger network of content, allowing you to showcase your expertise and make your content sticky when your crowd look to consume your work.

This is the topic I’m diving in & teaching in our FREE & FABULOUS Facebook Community this week.  If you’re not already a member then you can join us here….

So, it’s time to create content ON PURPOSE and WITH A PURPOSE.

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