Jeez Louise, I totally get the temptation – using your Facebook profile instead of a business page can seem like a draw to many.  It might start with the fact that you totally know your way around using your profile and it’s an easy place to start, it might then roll on to the fact that when you set up a Facebook Page you are suddenly at the mercy of Facebook as to who actually sees your posts AND sometimes that can feel like no-one.  It can feel hard to build a page and, if you are totally feeling the strain, it can also feel unnecessary.

You have Facebook friends ✅

It’s an easy place to start ✅

BUT, what you are doing is;

  1. Against Facebook rules
  2. A short term strategy that will limit your long term success

It’s Against Facebook Rules

Section 4 of Facebook’s terms deals with the fact that you can’t use your Facebook profile for business 4.4 states ~ You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes. >>Click here to take a look at the Facebook terms <<

Lots of people tried to use a profile for business and have a separate personal profile – so as not to have to share their personal shizzle with their business crowd – sorry, but that one is against Facebook’s terms too (at 4.2 it says that you can’t have more than one personal account).

So, what if you do go against Facebook’s rules?  You risk loosing it all, Facebook can take your profile away from you that you have lovingly nurtured (or both if you went with the 2 profile option).  This means that you are left without your platform.

It’s A Short Term Strategy Over Long Term Success

Why?  Stacks of reasons so let’s work through them;

  1. You will run out of friends.  You can only have a maximum of 5,000 Facebook friends and then you won’t be able to add any more friends to your account.
  2. People have to put a friends request to you which requires people to interact with you on a deeper level than having to simply like your Business Page (a much easier action for them).  You will also have to deal with these friends requests and have lots of people in your personal timeline that you don’t know.
  3. You will annoy your “real” friends – so those people who actually know you in real life will be bombarded with your business messages and this might just piss them off.
  4. It will be harder for people to stumble across your stuff and get involved with ease.  People are much less inclined to send you a friends request – much more likely to hit like on a page if they see something that resonates with them AND Facebook Pages are optimised to be found on search engines so people are more likely to come across you organically.
  5. You can’t schedule posts directly on your personal profile (although you could use a 3rd party app to schedule posts if you are insistent – but I hope you aren’t!)
  6. You get no metrics, data or insights into your activity and your crowd
  7. You can run Facebook Ads
  8. You won’t have access to a Facebook Shop, a call to action button or any of the other features available on a Facebook Page
  9. You can’t get help on there without giving away your personal Facebook login details.  For example I have my wing woman as an admin on my Facebook business page so that she can take the reins if I need her to for whatever reason.  You can add people to your Facebook Page to deal with scheduling posts, interacting, answering messages etc.  You can add people to access and report on your data/insights.  You can add people to help you with Facebook advertising.

You might be thinking, “ah – but there’s no point in any of this if my Facebook posts aren’t getting seen via a Page.” Well, in the long run this is going to keep your business small and it’s more important that you master the craft of growing a page rather than risking loosing your personal profile, not being able to access all the snazzy features, being considered an amateur and not setting yourself up for growth.

So, what do you need to know?

Facebook decide on who will see your posts via the Facebook Algorithm >>check out this fab guest blog from Beckie at Infinity that talks all about the algorithm<<  The algorithm is like a magic spell out of Hogwarts that Facebook put all posts through and decide who will see them.  Should you learn it off by heart?  Nope, because it’s changing all the time.  It’s kinda like a little game.  You’ve never completely mastered it and you will have to continue to evolve your Social Media strategy in order to make the best of it.

Content is king – you have to look at what your crowd like and don’t like.  You need to test and measure and tweak (you can’t do that on a profile as you can’t review the metrics).

It’s not all about reach.  How many people see your page can be a vanity trap.  It’s about making sure you have a good mix of content and that that content is what your crowd want to see and take action on.  No good a gazillion people seeing your post if they take no action and your bottom line doesn’t improve.







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