So, I’m going to do all the things! 

“RAH” is the warrior cry from within. 

It’s time to change EVERYTHING.  I can be a catalyst from a “fuck this shit,”  that vibrational undertone of “I’m done” or “I’ve had enough” or a “fuck it” which comes from a kinda feeling of being bored of being in indecision.  Just as a side note on this one – sitting in indecision is a choice to stay stuck, you’re not deciding one way or the other.  You’re not in or out.  You’re choosing to sit smack bang in the way of the carriageway and watch everyone else move in different directions around you.  

So, the catalyst may well have sparked BUT then you think about the enormity of everything that needs to happen now in order to execute.  My advice is always to write down “what will it take for me to……<< insert whatever it is you want to do” and then brainstorm the ass off it.  See what comes up, what actionables will need to occur in order for change to start to take form.   

It might feel overwhelming at first.  The tasks list might be epic BUT we don’t need to focus on that, we need to focus on starting to take the steps.  

Change Does NOT Come By Thinking, Change Comes By Changing Your Thinking AND Taking Action 

Anyhaps, that list ain’t going to make a micro of difference if it remains unexecuted or if it tips you into overwhelm.  

Overwhelm is a choice 🙊 I know that lots of people hate it when I say that because it’s a stark reminder that we can take responsibility for it and control of it.  At the moment, sat in overwhelm it definitely DOES NOT feel like a choice.  It’s bloody heavy and exhausting.  BUT, overwhelm is usually a symptom of having stacks to do and no idea where to start.  Having a long to do list is a good thing (<< there another one that I know often brings a stack of epiphanies for people I work with).  I LOVE having a long to do list.  It means that there’s stacks of scope to change and evolve, develop & progress.  A tiny or finished to do list means that stagnation is close by.  Stagnant smells #dontbestagnant

AT THIS POINT, I so often see people think that they are going to change all the things.  They are going to go gung-ho straight into the whole lot.  

RAH, comes the cry again. 

I do it AND I do it all (and often it’ll also be accompanied by the toddler stamp of the feet and the “all by myself” bit).  

It’s normal to wanna dive head first into the whole damn lot.  You don’t wanna be in the position you’re in anymore, it now feels like a shit show so it’s going to take BIG ass action to create that change.  

You probably then have an element of “shit, will I even be able to do this” together with a whole load of self talk about why you might not make it happen. 

If you manage to quell that then we are into the ALL IN! I’m a huge advocate of going ALL IN! 

Half Ass Action Gets Half Ass Results 

BUT, you don’t have to go ALL IN with all the things ALL AT ONCE! Because that’s a recipe for NONE OF THE THINGS being seen through.  

All or nothing usually results in NOTHING because all the things is usually unsustainable to create change around all at one time.  

It only takes one dropped balled and then everything comes crashing down.  

“See!!!! You were never going to make it work.” 

“Look at what a fail you are.”  

The reality is that you can’t pop all your attention on all the things all at once.  Would you have any idea of the plot line of 5 different programmes if they were being streamed simultaneously on 5 differently TV screens in front of you? How can you give your attention to every area, in every way, all at the same time.  

Change takes being conscious and present. You can’t try to make a gazillion changes all at once and expect yourself to be able to concentrate on them, be present with your behaviours around them and excel in them all. 

The mindset of all or nothing rarely allows you to create the progress you want. 

When I am making change or working with my clients we look at establishing “non-negogitables” first – the shit that needs to happen, no matter what, to support the change that they wish to see.  We then look at “most important tasks of the day” which are micro activities that create progress day by day.   We look at behaviour change and starting to cascade what we’ve nailed, what we already know and what we are creating momentum around into other areas.  

Change doesn’t have to be hard unless you make it so.  

My advice?  Don’t try to change everything all at once because one tiny little detour on the everything thing means that you’re likely to throw in the towel as use it as evidence that you’ll never make it work.  

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The Change Matrix

Change doesn’t have to be like wading through treacle.  Change doesn’t have to be scary.  

Change is the only certainty we really have.  Things will change, we will change.  We can either be the pilot or the passenger in these changes.  

Grab The Change Matrix which walks you through what you need to know about creating change in your world. 

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