There’s nothing more frustrating that feeling like you’re doing all the things and that you don’t have anything to show for it.  All that effort that you’ve put in, you feel worn out and like there’s just no outcomes/results coming your way. 

Are you talking to yourself? 

Why is it so difficult? 

Are you really getting it THAT WRONG? 

WTAF should you do about it? 

Is it proof that you’ll never make it in business?  

Is it the sign that you should just quit? 

Your self talk fairy is having an absolute field day telling you just how shit you are and how you might as well just accept that this wasn’t for you and that perhaps you should just go get a “proper” job.  

PLEASE can I start with you’re not alone.  AND whether it’s no sales, slow sales or not enough sales then you’re in the right place for us to start to dissect this bad boy.

The Truth Of What’s Happening

Let’s start at the beginning and look at why this is even happening.

Here are the 5 reasons for no sales (or pants sales).

  1. Not Selling
  2. Stealth Selling
  3. Uncomfortable Selling
  4. Lack of Clarity In Your Selling
  5. You Gave Up After Trying To Sell Once (or a handful of times)

Now, they might seem quite clear and you might be nodding along BUT what do they all actually mean?

Not Selling 

So often people will tell me that they are disappointed with their current income level, that they don’t understand why their business isn’t more profitable/making more money and I’ll ask one simple question “what are you selling?”  They will go on to tell me about the products and services in their business and I’ll ask again “so, what are you selling?”


Isn’t that the same thing?

Well, you can have offers BUT you might not be selling them 😣

I might have a little shimmy down their social media timeline, I might ask them about their recent newsletters or conversations that they have had with potential customers and it will dawn on them that they haven’t really taken their offer and actually offered it.  There’s been no sales messages, there’s been no calls to action to make the purchase and there’s been no directing people to find out more.

That’s the difference.

So, right now, are you selling?  Are you offering people the opportunity to work with you?  Are you telling them what’s available?  Are you clear with your calls to action?

Stealth Selling 

Ooooohhhhh now some people are SUPER good at this one! Hiding sales messages! Hiding them with the skill of a stealth ninja.  There might be a sales message there but it’s so well hidden (perhaps in the depths of a video or 18 paragraphs down a Facebook post or deep inside their website) that it’s truly going to take me to include the word Sherlock before my surname to find that bad boy.

The other form of stealth selling is through the art of presumption.  The art of presumption or perhaps psychic messaging for people to understand WTAF you’re talking about (which results in most people shrugging their shoulders and shimmying on).

People are super busy.  Our worlds are a noisy place.  We have a lot going on.  Don’t make your audience try to work out or dig out what’s actually for sale in your business.

Uncomfortable Selling

Eeeeekkkkkk!!!! Have you experienced someone being super uncomfortable about what they’ve got for sale?  Jeez, it certainly leaves you feeling INCREDIBLY uneasy doesn’t it.

It might be that they gallop through their offer at a rate of knots and NO-ONE can actually make head nor tail of what’s actually being offered.  I may be the case that they visibly shift in their chair when they start to talk about pricing (perhaps even get a little sweaty and there’s panic in those eyes).  It could be that eye contact disappears.  All very uncomfortable.

OR it might be that there’s an aggressive stance when it comes to the sale and it feels like you’re shimmy up to a stereotypical car salesman (back in the day) who’s trying to pull of a blinder of a deal, pull the wool over your eyes and rip the credit card out of your purse.

ALTERNATIVELY it could be you’ve found yourself on one of those “discovery” kinda calls where there’s a format to selling to you and a call to action that if you don’t buy this thing then you’ll forever be a fail!

Whichever it is, uncomfortable selling sucks and conversion is impacted as a result.

Whether the discomfort is yours or the person receiving your offer is inconsequential.

Lack Of Clarity 

You’re not even clear WTF you are actually selling or you’re not communicating what it is.

People don’t buy what they don’t understand!

Having clarity in your product, what it ACTUALLY does for people and the impact it creates is vital.   Yes, the journey is important BUT what’s more important is the destination.

If you popped into my office and told me you were taking me off to the Caribbean then  chances are that my first thought isn’t going to be journey and micro focuses on getting to the airport, where I’ll park my car, the flight deets and what airline I’m going on.  Chances are I’m going to be more excited about the deets about where I’m actually going.

Clear communication of what you’re actually offering is key.

The Give-Up, One Message & No-One Purchased

Wowsers! Again, I know that this sounds like one that would be super obvious but I don’t know how many times I’ve spoken to people disappointed with their sales/income only to find that they offered the thing once, or on a handful of occasions, they didn’t get the sale and then they retreated.  That and there being a lack of sales messaging are absolutely the most common ones.

You pop your message out there and there’s no bites.

Your self talk immediately tells you that that’s evidence that your offer is shite, you shouldn’t be doing this, it’s proof that you’re never going to make this work and you retreat.  Your ego feels deflated, your confidence is low, you feel let down.

Guess what?  It’s ok to feel the feels BUT it’s not ok to turn your back, throw in the towel and give in.

The reality is that a small percentage of people see the offer you put out there.  It’s also a reality that people need to see that message on numerous occasions before they make the decision to purchase.  The number that’s often cited is 7.  Someone needs to see your sales message 7 times to make the purchase.

Now, not everyone sees what you’re putting out there and the likelihood is that most people in your audience don’t know you have that thing for sale.

You have to talk about your thing until you’re bored of hearing about it.  It takes a shit load more messaging than you think.

So What Do You Need To Do?

So what can you do about it?  What’s next?  How can you nail this selling malarkey? 

It’s time to change the way you approach sales from your customers feeling like it might be nice to have that thing you have offered them to needing it and needing it now (if they were lucky enough to have found out/worked out it even existed at all).  

Here’s some things you need to think about: 

Clarity on Customer 

Now, you might have looked at ideal client in your business before, it might be something that kept you stuck for a little while (that is super common and was my experience of ideal client avatars for sure).  I look at ideal client as a concept very differently.  I respect and appreciate and LOVE that my crowd are diverse, unique individuals who are rocking their thing BUT I was know that they have stuff in common so rather than looking at speciality, I look at commonality  (if you want more information of this flip then shout up in the comments as I have a little video to help you navigate it).  

In terms of your sales then clarity on your customer is all about what they WANT.  Forget what they need.  You know what they need but what they need might be furtherest from their eye line.  What they need is the journey (and remember I wanna know where we are going in the Caribbean, all about the resort and the juicy stuff, not the plane we are travelling on).  

What are the outcomes they are looking for? 

What problem are you solving? 

What do they wanna “fix”?

Clarity on Offer 

The offer needs to obviously marry up with what the wants of your crowd #justsaying 

BUT aside from that – are you really clear on what the offer is?  Are you communicating the return on investment that your clients can expect?  Are you showcasing that return on investment and how it works? 

Think about how you can succulently (remember, people are busy) talk about that things that’s for sale, how toy can create that call to action and how you can make people move from the “eeeee that’s nice” to “give me it now.” 


What is the return on investment?  What are they getting back?  

In terms of bottomline, what’s the impact in their world.  Think about it from different view points; 

The Actual 

The tangible result/benefit. 

The More Abstract 

Feelings, emotions and the impact on their life, wellbeing, family, time, relationships and the likes.  

What will your audience get more of?  What will they get less of?  

What They WANT 

I can’t impress this enough!!!! 

Sell them what they want and give them what they need to get to where they want to go.  

In terms of the holiday to the Caribbean – sell me the destination and give me the flights, transfers, accommodation and other shite to make it happen. 

Don’t get caught up in the NEED and neglect the WANT! 

Resonance & Relevance 

Pop yourself in your audiences shoes for a moment.  Make sure that the messaging you’re putting together is something that they resonate with and that it’s something that’s super relevant to them.  

Here’s the thing, when it comes to selling, most people rush this part.  It feels a little uncomfy.  It’s something that they just kinda wanna get done.  For most, they aren’t sales experts and the whole selling bit isn’t their thing BUT if you just slow down a tad and consider these points then you can absolutely make a stupendous difference. 

I am going to be diving into this one further on a Facebook Live, and I’m inviting you to join me….

What’s Next?

Watch The Workshop

Lets dive into this one further.  

I don’t want you flailing and struggling with your messaging and sales anymore.  I am going to be hosting a live class, where we will navigate the tweaks that you can make to supercharge your sales.  

No icky tactics. 

No viewing your crowd as walking purses. 

No BS. 

Let’s dive in….

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