Aye, I hear you.

You are busy trying to build your business and stuff keeps throwing you off course.  It’s frustrating.  It leaves you feeling like the angst is rising up into your throat.  You feel like it’s all a little too much and that perhaps you weren’t cut out for it.  Then you have a roaring rally cry from the inside that says – you know you were cut out for it, if only this life stuff didn’t keep throwing you off course then you’ve be stacks further ahead than you are.  It then transcends into a conversation about how you are “behind.”

How do other people manage life & business? 

Why do you always seem to get the circumstances and situations that require your time and attention?

THEN you feel a little bit guilty – but part of the reason that you are running the business is so that you have this freedom and flexibility, so that you can be there for the people that you love, so that you don’t have to beg and plead with a boss for a day off.

BUT in reality a boss would probably not be quite so mean to you as you are being to yourself right now.

Let’s just undress this bad boy!!

Life & business work together.  Business doesn’t take priority over life but life sometimes steps in the way of business AND that my dear is totally ok because you wouldn’t want it any other way.  You wouldn’t want to sacrifice the life stuff to sit at your desk and you really shouldn’t either.

You business is there to help and encourage and stimulate growth in others.  You can do that but it’s not to be at the cost of your life and the stuff in your world that’s a priority.

Re-frame time; 

You are always in the perfect place for you at any given point within your business.  I know you are super impatient and I know that you wanna be further down the track.  You know that it’s YOU that will enable to progress of your business.  You know that you aren’t making excuses.  If you have genuine reasons that need to take your attention for a little while that’s totally fine.

You are LUCKY and BLESSED that your business allows you to cope with these things that are hurled your way.  Everyone has them.  Life & business collide from time to time.  Sometimes in positive ways and sometimes in ways that hold us back. BUT we are in the position to make the choices and decisions that serve us as humans.

You DON’T have to explain your every move to a mean boss so stop being the mean boss to yourself.

You might find that that pause is exactly what you need in order to gain clarity within your business.

Taking time out is a good thing, it means that when you come back you are back into that raring to go kinda place.

Roman wasn’t built in a day.  It takes time to build a business despite all these rags to riches stories, overnight success soundbites and I work 2.6 mins per week and make a gazillion pounds an hour (bullshit!)

Nothing’s spoiling – you will get back to as soon as your able.

The GOOD thing about feeling the way I described at the top is that it’s evidence that you really do care about your business and that you are ready to step up.  The BAD thing is that if you keep looking at it in this way then it’s going to make you take desperate action/random action – which will get you random results, it will rob you of your energy and it will mean that you stick that angsty energy straight into your business.

NOW step back

BE kind to yourself

KNOW that it’s ok and it’s normal.

KNOW that building your business is priceless to you but it mustn’t cost you the stuff that’s important in your world.  The stuff that makes you zing, the stuff that brings you love and fulfilment and happiness.

Whether it be poorly kids, school holidays, parents who need us to care for them, a brother who needs you to drive him to Manchester so he can run a marathon, an emergency, a visit to the doctors or the hospital – you’ve got it, you’re free to go do it, your blessed to be there for those who need you and you are real.  It might even be a good thing to share these experiences with your fans so that they can see the lessons you saw along the way.

It’s ok – there’s always tomorrow and when the time is right then the time will be perfect!

Re-prioritise, know that it’s ok to swizzle with the schedule and the to do list will never be done anyway so it can wait.

Deal with that which is urgent or critical and leave the rest until you can refocus!

The Gift?

It’s a choice how you view this! You can view it as an stress, as overwhelming, as something else getting in your way or you can talk yourself down and remind yourself that this is life, life is for living, the business will build and you are committed to it but sometimes other stuff comes first.

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