Well, well, well!!

I don’t want my assistant to work with me in 2018.  I want a someone new to take the mantle of Chief Looker Afterer Of Emma in 2018 and to be a prominent part of #teamrockstars.


What did she do?


Now, this isn’t a post saying “my assistant is shit” or “god, how I’ve been let down” **dramatic face & hand across brow in a woe ist me kinda fashion** NOPE! It’s nothing like that at all.  She’s ace.  We’ve worked together for ages now, she knows what I need doing before I do, she picks up the pieces that I need sorting urgently and she’s all round ACE.

Why do I not want to work with her then?

Well, she’s not meant to be doing this kinda work.  It’s not the work she’s here to do.  I’ve known it for a while BUT she’s taken some persuading.  She is the most fantastic artist, she’s a fabulous witch and she needs to be pursuing this and sharing her amazing talents with the world.

When the time comes I’ll be super sad to see her go but I’m sure we will transition seamlessly (and she won’t stop sending me a morning GIF to start my day).

I’m also sure that we will attract the perfect person to take over the role too.

So, if you are interested in card reading, witchery, spiritual art and much more then you must go follow her, she is the Magickal Creatrix;

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Free 2018 Tarot/Oracle Card Spread >>click here<<

So, the moral of this?  Well, it’s all about following your passion, it’s all about tapping into what you’re really here to do.  What is it that lights you up?  Just because you’ve started to wander down a path doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that path.  Let your passion and intuition guide the way because it totally knows where you need to be going.  AND my super power is to often know before you do.

What does Sarah say?

Working with Emma has been transformation for me in so many different ways and my personal and business growth has a lot to do with having this wonderful lady in my life. Emma actually saw my arty, witchy and spiritual talents well before I did. In fact, I had no idea they even existed.

In my corporate life, I fully believed that work was meant to feel like ‘work’, you know, hard, exhausting and frustrating. So the idea that I could turn the things that made me feel relaxed, spiritually whole and connected to the universe into a business didn’t even feature on my radar. I

I’ve learned two things during this particular part of my journey. Number 1, always listen to Emma. And number 2, you are allowed to love what you do and make money from it too!.








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