Something I consistently get asked is what “plan” I followed to ditch my weight or “do you do slimming world” or there’s an expectation that I did some extreme BS.

YES, I did consider (fleetingly) joining a slimming club when I started this journey. They’d worked for me in the past so surely they’d work again was my rationale. BUT then I thought for a moment ~ obviously they hadn’t worked for me in the past as I wouldn’t be where I was?!

Yeah, I totes took responsibility for where I was BUT they hadn’t given me the tools to navigate real life.

I know that lots of people attend a slimming club in order to be accountable but I knew that the only person that I needed to be accountable to was ME.

So, what’s the 84% thing?

I read an article on the BBC that cited Richard Samber, former finance director of Weight Watchers from 1968-1993 and the quote they used from him was….

“It’s successful because the other 84% have to come back and do it again. That’s where your business comes from”.

Slimming clubs are a business and they are a business that relies on repeat customers.

My choice become clearer.

I needed to empower and educate myself to change my habits and behaviours.

I didn’t wanna have any form of negative language attached to my food choices because that’s simply not good from a psychological perspective.

I didn’t wanna live in deprivation and have “cheat days” or think of that muffin I wanted as sin 🙁

I didn’t want to feel bad about eating out and scan the menu for something that would simply leave me with food envy as I saw what the rest of the family ate.

I didn’t want my kids to think “Mummy’s on a diet” as that’s no fun.

I love that I can now help and support other people to change their relationship with food, form different habits and behaves, feel in control and utter empowered and create a sustainable lifestyle. If shit ain’t sustainable and fun it ain’t going ever be good for your health.

I eat ice-cream.
I eat chips.
I eat out.
I eat takeaway.
I eat cakes.
I have 2 breakfasts.
I eat burgers.
I drink alcohol
AND did at every stage of my weight loss journey!

Steps off her high horse 😤 😂

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