Jeez Louise, I know that this one is a biggie! So often when we are in business we know what we gotta do but something just keeps getting in our way.

Everyone is telling you to;

✔️Show Up 

✔️Get Seen 

✔️Chase Visibility 

✔️Get Out There 

blah, blah, blah.  It seems that the words have become corporate nonsense speak and whilst loads of people are spouting them not many are giving any ideas on how to achieve this Holy Grail of being seen and getting out there (whatever that even means) AND even more prominent is the fact that people are telling us how we do it when we are crippled by our own self talk, doubt, personal dissatisfaction and plain fear.

Let’s have a chat, grab a brew if you need one and we can talk this one through, mull it over and see if we can achieve any beautiful breakthroughs.

So what is it not?

✖️ having to work all day, every day
✖️ being constantly at the coal face
✖️ vomiting Facebook posts out there with any real meaning – QUICK MARTHA!!!! There’s silence on the page!!! Communication has ceased!!! Put something out there, ANYTHING, just do it quickly (<<you get the idea and we’ve all been there in that mad panic thinking we need to fill a silence.
✖️ doing stuff because you have to – rules that we make up and beat ourselves around the head with!

What is it?

✔️ serving your crowd – knowing who your audience is and making sure that everything you do is directed right at them. Make sure that everything you do is super helpful for them.
✔️ be honest – always be honest with your crowd and be yourself with the people you are here to serve
✔️ be brave – do the stuff that scares you and let people see the real you.
✔️ stop hiding – behind the logo, behind the computer, behind your hands – PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT ME!! Like not never, I’m happy here hiding and don’t you even dare take a little glance.

I’ve written about it before and here are some ideas as to what you can do to up that level of visibility (even typing the word makes me shudder now) >> click here to take a look


BUT what if there’s more to it than that, more to it than even knowing what it is.  There is more to it than that and I know it’s the whole overthinking it, over analyising it and the pure fear and scardey cat shakes that it induces.  I get it!

Getting Out Of Your Own Way 

Short phrase, BIG meaning, HUGE impact.

Let’s start at the beginning – you are good enough JUST AS YOU ARE.  You DON’T have a funny voice/accent, you DON’T need to wait until you’ve lost 10lbs or had your hair done or changed your wardrobe.  You are perfectly YOU as YOU are and you don’t need to change anything, wait for anything or be anything else.

You KNOW your stuff.  You are here to serve your fans in your way.  You don’t have to wait in order to do that and you don’t have to change anything in order to do that.  As you build a heart centred, soulful business your mission is to serve your audience and look after your peeps < simple??  You can’t do that whilst you are hiding.  Whilst it’s all in your head it’s helping no-one.  Whilst you are overthinking it then no-one can access it.  Whilst your hiding it then you are simply stealing the opportunity for your awesome from those who need it.

FEAR is often present in business.  Whatever stage you are at within your business there will be things that scare you a little.  Management of the fear is the aim, not trying to rid yourself of it.  Used in the right way the fear can keep you on your toes and moving forwards, the fear is always a sure sign of growth for me and that I’m doing the right things.

Go out there, be bold, be awesome, rock your stuff but most importantly BE YOURSELF!

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