Are you a busy fool?  😱

I get that you’re not going to want to immediately raise your hand and admit to this one but I know that it happens so regularly.  There’s a wee trap that business owners fall into where they end up doing all the things, some of the things they do are out of habit and some of the things that they do are because they feel like they should.

However we end up doing all the things do you ever take a moment to simply sit down and access the impact that your strategy currently has and whether or not you’re getting bang for your buck,  We are thinking time invested v outcome achieved.

Now, before we dive into that assessment there’s a couple of things we need to think about first.

OK, so that’s the first one out of the way.  Is your client work stunting your growth?  Often times I see people who have hugely full diaries and they simply don’t get the opportunity to take stock and develop their business.  

Ironically, the reverse is also true, it’s often times the case that when people have too much time to work on their business one of 2 things happen – nothing, because they have time to do it later/another day and an opportunity to procrastinate over everything OR everything, because they have the time to do all the things, all the time and this het up anxious energy seems to be everywhere.  

So how we we temper this? 

We need to have a regular assessment about where we are right now and what is actually creating an impact on our business.  

I use this….

What are you doing that’s bringing absolutely NO value whatsoever to your business? STOP THAT!!! 

What do you need to keep doing because you love it and it creates outcomes?  KEEP THAT. 

What do you need to be implementing that you haven’t prioritised just now?  START DOING THAT. 


Don’t overthink it.  

Is it bringing me community, connections, engagement, new people to my audience, nurturing my existing crowd, keeping me top of mind AND ultimately creating conversion (clients!!) 

One of the biggest things I get asked if about whether or not people should be spending less time on Social Media.  If your job is NOT Social Media then your job is NOT Social Media.  YES, post on Social Media but make those posts impactful.  Have a read of this one…. 

The one thing that you can do in order to supercharge your outcomes for the same amount of time invested in your business is to look at your copy.  Copy makes all the difference to EVERYTHING.  Your words are magentic, they can attract or repel.  Yes, your words should be replusive, to the people who aren’t the right fit for your business BUT they need to be the strongest magnet ever to those who are the right fit.   A change in wording can change your outcomes.  It’s magic – that’s why it’s called SPELL-ing.  

Get The Little Book Of Copywriting

THE most important things that you need to know in order to turn your copy from meh to magical! 

This book is jam packed full of easy to implement hints and tips that will ensure that your copy captures, captivates and converts your audience into customers.  Why would you compromise helping more people and making more money for some tiny little tweaks to the words you’re putting out there in the world? 

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