I’ve titled this article up with “where should I be marketing my business” but in reality it’s about communication! I know that lots of people tense up and feel quite uneasy with the word marketing and it feels like it’s all very salesy and stilted.  In reality every business should have a Communication Strategy rather being wedded to the marketing word.  YES, don’t get me wrong, marketing and sales is absolutely part of that strategy but we need to be opening avenues to communication with our audience.   

I have stacks of conversation with entrepreneurs who are very much focused on Social Media and the algorithm, feeling angst that there business is getting the eyes on it that they would like.  There’s stacks and stacks of time often poured into Social Media and whilst there’s often some progress made it can feel slow & cumbersome and can result in people throwing things out there that they think might work and simply see what sticks.  

I bloody love Social Media as part of your communication strategy.  We are so lucky to live in a time when we can connect & communicate with people all over the world.  Yeah, Social Media for business isn’t the same as it was neck end of a decade ago, it’s a busier place BUT that doesn’t mean that we should feel angst about the algorithm or roll our eyes skyward and feeling like it’s simply a slog.  We will get onto more about that shortly! 

The Communication Strategy for your business needs to have numerous avenues where you connect with your crowd. 

Your Communication Strategy should be set up in a way that allows you to start to cultivate a content eco-system (the re-use, re-purposing & recycling of content). 

Your Communication Strategy needs to have findable content within it so that you are able to bring more people to your business.  We will touch on findable content in a sec BUT I’ve written a full article all about making your business findable.. 

When you’re crafting your Communication Strategy you need to be thinking about a number of things; 

➡️  Right now what’s the hierarchy of priorities in your business?   

Essentially this means that you need to decide what outcomes you are looking for at specific times in your business.  It might be that there’s times where crowd building is a priority, it might be that list building is your central focus, you might be promoting know/like/trust and showcasing your work/skills at specific times or it might be that you’re in a sales period and therfore income is your top priority.   All these elements need to form part of your Communication Strategy but you can absolutely have specific times where that hierarchy shifts and changes. 

➡️  Be Clear On The Purpose Of Content You Create

All content should have a purpose.  When you’re creating something within your business you need to look at whether that content is about working new relationships, enhancing relationships, showcasing your work, teaching/educating your audience, socialising with your audience/getting to know them, showing people a wee sneaky peek behind the scenes or focused on creating conversion. 

➡️  Be Mindful Of How You Can Incorporate It Into Your Content Eco-system

You don’t want to be on a wheel of constant content creation – that sucks! It wastes time and means that your content never makes the impact that it could. 

➡️  Each Piece Is A Solo Performer As Well As Part Of The Team

Remember that each piece of content that you create in your business should be someone’s first experience of your business.  It it likely to be viewed as a solo piece of content so it needs to make sense on it’s own BUT it also needs to work together within your overall Communication Strategy 

What Content Needs To Make Your Communication Strategy

What kinda content do you need to think about when you’re looking at your overall Communication Strategy?  I’ve popped together a wee visual to help you have a look through the content types…

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all those different content types, it’s all about doing it step by step AND making sure that you are re-using, re-purposing and recycling what you’re already creating!

If you want to dive much deeper into your Communication Strategy then you need to get your hands on this bad boy..

Missing Piece Marketing Impact Diagnostic

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