Online products/programmes/masterclasses/courses are a fab addition to your business because they give you an opportunity to leverage your time.  It means that you can put in the work and sell the same time put in to multiple people.  It’s an opportunity and a gateway to smash through the ceiling on your earning potential.  When you are working time for money there’s only so many hours in a day and days in a week.  There’s only so much time that’s available to be sold.  EQUALLY, when you’re stuck working on the time for money thang it’s easy to burn out ~ you’re working harder and harder to make sure you are fulfilling your client obligations.  Another funny thing happens too ~ you hit toughs.  Because you’re so busy you neglect your own business marketing and profile raising activities and therefore the work seems to ebb and flow as your input in your own business ebbs and flows with quiet times following manic times, and manic times followed by the quiet panic.

Leveraging your time is an ace way to stop that happening, allow your business not to be solely reliant on the hours you have available to put in AND smash that ceiling of earning potential.

Online programmes aren’t the only way to leverage but they’re what we are focusing on here.

Let’s Dive Into The Things You Need To Know Before You Launch;

I see the most common mistakes on a daily basis, those mistakes aren’t business fatal mistakes BUT can leave people feeling very despondent, frustrated and unsure what they got wrong.

For many, launching feels like a DARK ART and something that they only seem to be able to get sections of help & support with and most of the strategy they are seeking to implement is observed strategy ~ success leaves clues but it never tells a full story.

So what do you need to know before you launch?


This is the first one.  Clarity in your business, in your product, who you’re marketing to and why they should care.  Now there’s plenty of layers to this one.

✔️ Clarity in your business is about knowing what your mission and message is.  A clear view of what you want to help and support people with and how you want to help and support them.  You could write a little business mission statement or consider bringing together a little credo (here’s some tips on your credo here –>>click<<–)

✔️Clarity on your product is about making sure that you know what you are offering, sounds obvious right?!?  BUT, I often see people who get sucked into the process and the things that they want to teach/educate their crowd on without any regard to the outcome ~ what are your crowd going to get out of the programme/product?

✔️Who! Yup, that old chestnut.  I work with the whole Ideal Client Concept a little differently.  Focusing on the important elements and binning the bits that simply keep people stuck.  (here’s a little article you can read on that one –>>click<<–).  When we talk about the who there’s another layer to this too.  If you are using online/digital world jargon like digital programme, masterclass, PDF and your client’s aren’t living solely in the digital world will they even know what you mean by this stuff??

✔️Why should they care?  This is about those outcomes again and what difference your product/programme is going to make to their world.

So here’s the thing ~ those things above, I do them as an umbrella view for my whole business and then I go through the questions again when I am micro focusing on an audience I can serve with a particular product or programme.

Crowd Building 

Before I’ve been in a position to launch anything within any business (mine or other peoples), it’s massively important that you focus on building your crowd before you look to sell to them.

✖️ this isn’t about “doing your time”

✖️ this isn’t about you needing a certain number of people in your crowd before you launch

BUT setting off with a crowd who are engaged is important.

Spend sometime bringing great quality, high value content and SERVE THE PANTS OFF YOUR CROWD.  << that little phrase there is my default position, ALWAYS.  If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, go serve the pants off your crowd.  If you are feeling angsty, go serve the pants off your crowd.


Serving your crowd is about 3 things;

✔️ Service ~ make them feel special, help them, support them.

✔️ Know/Like/Trust ~ let them get to know you a little bit

✔️ Credibility ~ you know your stuff and they’ve had a little try before you buy

Launch Prep

Online courses/programmes etc aren’t a “build it and they will come” kinda product.  You have to have a fluid but focused launch strategy in place and be in a position to start to bring together elements of your launch in advance (this will mean that your launch is less daunting, you’re less likely to suffer launch fatigue and you will NAIL it!)

Set yourself up to succeed and not for it to be super hard.

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