Yeah, yeah Holmsey, it’s all well and good for you to say that adding a podcast to your business is epic BUT is it really?  Does it really make things happen in your business.  

I talk about how we have three buckets to fill in our business.  We need to be thinking about introducing new people to our business, enhancing relationships (the know, like and trust factor) and converting our audience into purchasers. 

Here’s a little visual…

Each of these buckets is supported by podcasting.  


Bringing New People To Your Audience 


A podcast is opening you up to not only a new medium of delivery of your content (i.e. audio rather than visual/videos or written) BUT it’s also exposing your business to a whole new platform of potential customers.  Your business can be on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Spotify and EVEN on Alexa! New platforms can include new people who may never have come across your work before and might well be searching for exactly what it is that you do! (PLUS it’s search engine based so your content does have a shit tonne more longevity). 

It helps enhance know like & trust ~ as a very intimate form of content (in a lot of cases you are in fact talking directly into someone’s ear) people feel a real connection with your voice and what you’re saying.  It’s also another way for your crowd to conveniently consume you and your work. 

Conversion ~ there’s not a metric in your business that you can’t improve through your podcast.  From signing more people up to your mailing list to increasing purchasers.  You can be very strategic in the use of your podcast and make sure that it directs to the product or service that you’re focusing on right now.  

Let’s Look At How This Works In Real Life…

So podcast can truly bring a whole stack to your business and it’s so so easy to reuse and recycle content that you’re already creating to allow your podcast never ever to feel burdensome.  

Want To Take It Further? 


You don’t have to make it complicated.  In fact it can be super simple and step by step.  

Lots of people will tell you that you need a fancy dan Mastermind to get your podcast out there – you really don’t! 

My Perfectly Podcasting course will take you step by step to getting your podcast out there with ease. 

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