If you’re watching on and someone is making you feel the funk then I want you to STOP THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW!!!! It’s not of your business what anyone else is doing (both literally and figuratively speaking). 

I GET that it’s easy to say – stop bloomin looking, it’s none of your business, blah blah blah but I know that sometimes lots of you can’t help put peek!

It’s easy to overthink the competition and get bogged down with how successful they are (or appear to be). So next time your eyes take on that bit mushy-pea kinda tinge, remember this:
❤️️1. They are not you. They don’t talk, laugh, think, create or look like you. They don’t do things your way.
❤️️2. They don’t connect with people the way you do.
❤️️3. They have a different outlook to you. Different goals, different aspirations, different dreams – a different agenda!
❤️️4. You are your USP, that’s why you attract your raving fans AND no-one else can be you!
❤️️5. There are billions of people in this world and they aren’t all going to choose your competitor.
Now STOP being in a funk about it, stop comparing yourself and give yourself a chance to freakin shine!!

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