What should you be doing?

Big question at times.  It’s a question that often rolls around when I’m talking about productivity, business direction, daily tasks, visibility & so much more.

It’s a small sentence BIG QUESTION kinda one.

If I asked you that question you might reply with all the mundane tasks that are on your to do list.  You may be in a position to micro focus those tasks into achievable chunks or you might say that you need to “master social media” or “sort out your website” << much bigger and more overwhelming kinda tasks.

You may feel a little lost when you think about the question in terms of the growth and vision for your business.

It may be the one question that if you were able to nail the answer then you may well be able to set yourself free completely.

The first one I want you to know is a little mantra I use often;

Just Because You COULD Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

Why?  Because there’s all sorts of things that you could be doing.  This could be the tasks that don’t necessarily need your attention and could well be outsourced.  It may be things that you could bring into your business but perhaps you’re unsure as to whether the direction is right for you or whether they fit.  It might be that it’s a task that’s actually bringing no quantifiable value to your business.  It might be a bright shiny distraction.  It might be that you’ve got lost down a rabbit hole.

What Should You Be Doing

You should be undertaking the tasks that are within YOUR zone of genius and tasks that, by their very nature, need you to undertake them in your business.  For me >> that’s writing, speaking (videos, audios, training, meetings, events) and engaging (being part of my community).  Other stuff can be outsourced and doesn’t need my involvement.

📝 Identify the key jobs in your business that NEED to be undertaken by you and gain the clarity as to the stuff that is your task to take ownership of.

The next thing to consider is money making activity.  Does this action add value and ultimately make money for my business?  Now that’s not to say that the action needs to be about directly selling and going all salesy on everyone ass.  It’s about whether or not it adds to the experience for your crowd, builds connection/community (and the know/like/trust factor), builds your credibility and ultimately is relevant to what you do.

📝 Make sure that the stuff you are doing in your business makes sense and adds to, rather than detracts from, where your business is heading and the sales process.

Do you even need to be doing it?  This is about thinking about whether or not you’ve got into a rut with the tasks in your business.  Are you simply undertaking that tasks because you always have?  Is it brining anything to the party?  Does it have a purpose?

📝 Do you even need to do that thing?

Beware Of Getting Lost

I find that lots of people get lost within their business and they have a path to stagnation and frustration.

Getting Too Busy ~ this one can often result in you taking your foot off the gas in other areas of your business.  Stepping back from your marketing because you’re busy running your business.  This can then result in a sales slump when you come out of the other side of busy.   Make sure that, no matter how busy you get, that you are allocating some time each week to the development of your business.  It might just been an hour per week to make sure you are keeping in touch with your crowd and nurturing those relationships.

Stuck In Social ~ a common one! I know that for lots of people the continuing change in algorithm on Social Media has meant that they have had to have their eye to a greater extent on their social platforms in their business.  The metric has become a HUGE distraction. They get frustrated.  I hear ya.  I know that it’s important that you put a critical eye over your social media and that you continue to evolve your strategy in order to continue to grow BUT remember that unless you are a SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT then your job ain’t social media.  Go back to the list you created about the things that are within your zone of genius and go serve the pants off your crowd.

Obsession with Growth ~ growth is GOOD and growth is what we aim for BUT I know that lots of people see growth within their business but it’s never enough to satisfy them.  Remember that you grow your business ONE CONNECTION AT A TIME and that each member of your crowd is a real life person.  Go serve the pants off them and as you step into service of those who are already around you you will naturally & organically attract more of the same.

Disconnection ~ moving away from your audience.  I see this happen and I wonder whether it’s disillusionment, whether it’s about feeling like they need to be less approachable/real/reachable when their business grows.  Remember that business is all about connection, yup clever advertising and marketing can be part of it but if you’re not wanting/willing to be part of your business then it’s time to reflect a little and work out where that disconnection has taken place.

Can’ts ~ people will often give me a list of what they can’t do in their business or what they would love to do if their time/finances and allowed.  They get so caught up and focus on the stuff that they can’t do rather than the stuff that they can do.  Take your attention back to the tasks that you CAN DO to move your business forwards.

Taking action and being productive is super important in moving your business forwards.  You can get your hands on my free Productivity Bible >>>>click here<<<<

Remember ~ focus on the stuff that’s important (the stuff that YOU should be doing and the stuff that makes you money) and don’t get lost in that which isn’t quite so significant.

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