Hmmmmm, the sales funnel, marketing funnel or whatever it is part of marketing bollock bingo to call these things right now is often one that’s deemed to be a super difficult inclusion  in your business but one that is also pushy and ridiculously icky – man, it has a bad press! 

Guess what though, it doesn’t have to be that way.  A funnel can be a nurturing eco-system in your business that makes the path for your clients/customers/crowd find it easier to allocate the solutions to their problems.  It can also make your life a shit tonne easier too! 

So, What Is A Funnel?

A funnel in your business is you creating a path that leads to purchase.  A funnel will be instrumental in various areas of your business

1) attracting new people to your audience with well thought through content which is exactly what your crowd are searching for

2) enhances relationships with your audience 

3) showcases your expertise and gives you the opportunity to heighten your credibility 

4) encourages more sign ups to your mailing list so that you can continue to nurture that audience

5) provides your crowd with quality content to allow them to shimmy along the path, get some wins & epiphanies along the way and means they aren’t sat there thinking “now what?!” 

6) makes a very clear path to purchase

This essentially means that you’re walking your crowd through, whilst helping & supporting them, to the resoluton to the issues that are coming up for them.  You are making your content and the process make sense for them (and for you).  So often things feel very disjointed in a business as there’s elements of a funnel strewn in various different places.  Sowing these pieces together will optimise your crowds’ experience, the outcomes they achieve and will mean that more people ultimately come through to buy from you – no getting lost on the way. 

It’s the easy map to the end results with no previous map reading experience required.  You’re their virtual guide and that isn’t exhausting because once you’ve set up your funnel it’s going to do the work for you (perhaps little a little clone of you in the interwebby world doing your work whilst you crack on with current projects). 

Do You Need One?

Well, I’m NEVER EVER going to tell you that there’s a one size fits all and even when I talk about funnels and work with my clients to create their funnels in their business never 2 are alike.  A funnel is a framework – a manekin and it’s up to you how you dress it. 

Should you include a funnel in your business – hell yeah! Why?  Well who doesn’t want to make their own lives easier and create a clear path to purchase.  

Having a funnel means; 

  • Creating content that has longevity so getting off the hamster wheel of constant creation. 
  • Optimises the content you are creating, moving you away from having disposal content in your business and feeling like your content creation is a constant cycle of feeding a hungry beast. 
  • It take cares of the bits that we often “forget” (<< or resist) doing in our business.  Think list building and sales! 
  • Stops your crowd feeling like you just half helped. 
  • Showcases your knowledge & skills 

Don’t want these things in your business?  Then funnels aren’t for you! 

Fancy a bit of that?  Then funnels can be created in a way that’s bespoke for you & your audience and never ever have to be icky! 

Want To Know More About Creating One? 

Your Sales Funnel Success

I’ve brought together a super easy to navigate programme which takes you through the steps you need in order to create your bespoke, nuturing and optimised funnel in your business.  I pinky swear that it’s a process that doesn’t need to be difficult.  It’s about popping the pieces of the puzzle together in your own time – step by step, bit by bit. 

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