I know that this is one that comes up an awful lot for entrepreneurs (and I’ve not been immune to this one myself either). 

What If I’m Not In The Right Lane?

Now, one of the things that I’m super good at is being able to see where your lane actually is, often before you can even see it.  I asked a gorgeous Rockstar client for a little feedback this week on what I do that’s super important to her and she said “get people into the right lane, give them a map, point out the obstacles and hit the fucking gas” and I kinda love that (🤔might even make an epic tag line 😂). 

I do also specialise in implementing the pivot.  Helping stacks of Rockstars to get on the right path, then the right lane and then get cracking.  

So, what’s all this even mean? 

How Do You Even Know What The Right Lane Is? 

Ok, so what does it mean to be in the right lane? 

Can I be a multi passioned entrepreneur? 

What the fuck does all this mean? 

Now, the first thing I want you to do is to get really honest with yourself.  I have done this exercise with countless people and it always provides an epiphany of some description.  It’s either an epiphany that they are on the total wrong track, an epiphany that they need to pivot or a realisation that in fact their passion is missing in action << all of which we can work with so don’t panic with which one you are.  

The question is; 

Do you love what you do right now? 

I mean really love it.  Does it make your heart sing?  Is it part of who you are?  Does it mean something BIG to you or are you simply going through the motions? 

If you’re going through the motions then what happens is is that those motions are never as impactful as they could be.  Equally, going through the motions ends up meaning that a lot of what you do becomes money centric, it becomes about how you can make money.  Now, I am a passionate advocate of the fact that you MUST be making money in your business (if you ask my kids what the function of a business is they know that the business needs to make money) and I’m not saying this in a flippant and dismissive manner BUT when it becomes purely above the money is the moment that you have lost your intrinsic connection with what you do and why you do.  Yes, making money is a primary factor BUT it can’t be the sole (or soul 😉) driving factor within your business.  

So as you look at that question ~ do you love what you do right now? You have a couple of ways you could respond; 

🌟  Truly Madly Deeply (thanks Savage Garden for that title) 

🌟 Some bits 

🌟 MEH 

🌟 No I fucking hate it, it’s burdensome and horrid 

Let’s investigate…

Truly Madly Deeply 

Crack the merry fuck on. 

You’re doing the right things. 

Make sure you’re harnessing that passion in all you do.  That passion is infectious and magnetic 😉

Some Bits 

It’s tweak time. 

It might be that there’ll be some little tweaks that will make all the difference, it might be that there’ll be some biggies, either way a tweak is always a good thing. 

Sit down and do a list of the things you LOVE about your business. 

Do a list about the things that feel a little shite. 

With the list of things that feel a little shite you can ask – “so what would it take for these to feel epic?” This will allow you the opportunity to brainstorm an ACTIONS list that you can start to implement.  It might be that some areas need binning completely, it might be that some things need outsourcing ultimately, it might be that some things just need a change in energy and how you do them. 


It might be that you’re starting to get a little frustrated or overwhelmed with all that’s going it. 

I always say that if it’s feeling a little MEH then we need to revisit your passion point.  What is it that you’re passionate about?  If you can identify service as one of your passion points within your business then my advice is go serve the pants off your crowd.  Even a small period of time of falling into full on serving the pants off your crowd can be super good for your soul (and for business).  

You can then visit the points above (around loving bits of what you do), in order to make your work truly epic. 

Another great one for those period of MEH is a Light Up List. Yup, things might be ok BUT what could you be adding to your life and business that would make you shine like a freakin Supernova. 

Nope, Hate It 

Please can I start here with a super impactful quote from Steve Jobs…

If today were the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to do today?If the answer is no for too many days in a row I know I need to change something.

Yup, this might well be full on transformation or this might be a good old pivot BUT what it shouldn’t be is ignored.  

What you’re feeling right now may be temporary or you may have been feeling it for a little while.  You may feel deflated or you may feel defeated. 

It’s time for an assessment. 

➡️ What do I love to do? 

➡️ How would I like to make an impact in the world? 

➡️ What brings me joy?

➡️ How can I move forwards from here? 

I know that for lots of people when they are moving forwards they often tell me that they feel sad because that means they failed ❎ and they are also worried about starting again 🙄On both of these points I wanna give you a little re-assurance.  You have not failed because you have not finished (ooooo now that’s a good quote Holmesy) AND when you’re pivoting (or out and out changing) you are NOT starting again because you’re taking all you know into the next stages and next steps too). 

You might need a little support during a pivot stage or it might be screaming at you as you know what to do right now. 


Final Thought

Even if you’re in the right lane ~ if you just sit there then you’re going to get run over 😉

I’m all about the action and action not only creates momentum but it unleashes evidence of what you CAN do, increases confidence and belief as well as is the catalyst to making more money and serving more people. So go make some magic happen 😘

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