We are at the time of year where there’s optimism and shiny hope banded about.  It’s Christmas ffs! Who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle & shine (although you can keep the glitter, I’m not a fan 😂😂). 

BUT, what if you have a butchers at the year gone by and feel a little flat & deflated. 

Perhaps you berate yourself because you’re not as far ahead as you thought you might be. 

Perhaps you feel like you missed opportunities. 

Perhaps things got in the way and life threw you a curve ball or two. 

I know that for stacks of Rockstars 2019 has been majorly challenging with life events, health issues and truly BIG stuff happening and I know that, whilst for lots of them, they’ll feel like they are leaving the decade much stronger than they’ve ever been their 2019 certainly hasn’t been pixies and unicorns. 

So, I wanna start with a little word on life’s shit stick….

👉 The Shit Stick Doesn’t Always Hit Those Who “Deserve” It 👈

I want you to know that you didn’t necessarily attract it – it’s not always the law of attraction, the law of reflection or karma at work.

Life often deals a shit stick – just because, no spiritual reason, no fact you drew in the experience.

I’m sure that they’ll be lessons to learn and a strength to recognise it BUT whilst you knee deep in it it simply feels like SHIT.

If you need to hear it today then I hear you, life does it sometimes, it throws something at you and it leaves you feeling depleted in oh so many ways.

As Maya Angelou says “AND still I rise” and I know that it might not feel like any reassurance in the moment but you’re a warrior.

When the shit stick does hit then you have to decide which end you’re going to pick up (or even whether it’s your stick to pick up).  

It’s frivolous and ridiculous to simply say ~ stay positive and just look for the lessons BECAUSE when you’re knee deep in it it’s VERY difficult to do.  It’s ok to feel the feelings.  It’s ok to have a pity party, but only for a little while and then you MUST take a sharp exit. 

You can read more about exiting a pity party….


It’s time to move beyond the stuck. 

2019 wasn’t pixies and unicorns BUT that doesn’t mean you need to drag that into a new decade.  Now, you don’t need a new decade, a new year, a new month or any special occasion to do this.  It can be a task that you undertake at any time.  

It’s time to take a look at what really happened.  

As emotional lead souls we can often create a whole story behind stuff that’s happened and it’s super easy to catastophise everything.  

One of the ones I hear A LOT is ~ “I’m so far behind” and this might be relent as you look back at the year and feel that you’re not where you’d have liked to have been, perhaps that you’ve not “done enough” or that you have let yourself down.  Now, I hear you.  I have ridiculously high standards for myself and expect oh so much of me.  I certainly wouldn’t put the same pressure on one of my clients and, like most people, one of my biggest strengths doubles up as one of my biggest weaknesses.  When people say to me that they are behind I always ask exactly what they are behind.  The answer usually draws a little bit of a blank expression because 99% of the time we are only behind our own self expectation in these circumstances, where we expected/wanted/decided to be.  We never rationalise why we may have come to be here or even look at what perhaps happened instead.  We just go into a full out assault on ourselves. 

Now, let’s look at the reality of where we are right now.  The pixies and unicorns can wait – what’s the reality of the situation? 

I’ve brought together a one page free resource that can help you to do a little bit of a review.  In true Rockstar Stylee it’s super simple but significant.  It will allow you to take 20 minutes, over a brew, to look at what you need to keep doing, what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing to give you some implementables to create change in your business immediately. 

One of the thing that is useful for moving beyond feeling really stuck is setting some targets that you can work towards.  

I know that I’ve spoken to lots of Rockstars over the last few weeks who have told me that they either;

① Set no targets whatsoever 

② Set targets that feel so pie in the sky that they are useless 

③ Set targets and NEVER look at them again. 

If you’d like me to cover target/goal setting and how to optimise them and use them every single day in your business then dive into the comments below and let me know…