Lots of the conversations that I have had this week with my lovely 1-2-1 clients and with awesome coaches in my groups have revolved around fear.

It might be;

  • Fear of making a decision
  • Fear of niching and what that will actually mean in their business
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success (I know! I bet you never thought that one was such a common one)
  • Fear of what might be
  • Fear of what is
  • Fear of visibility
  • Fear of tech
  • The fear that they just haven’t got what it takes to make this business work
  • Money fears

Gosh, the list could go on and on AND that’s just a snippet of some of the conversations that I have had this week.  Fear is a pesky little blighter and you DON’T EVEN REALISE that it’s sneaky up and bitting you firmly on the butt.  It can start off as a niggle, then turn into a full blown wobble and then can be a deep seated fear.  Fear isn’t real.  Fear is kinda like a little security blanket that’s trying to protect you but that’s ultimately keeping you small.

Sometime it can feel like the fear will never go away.

Often, it’s just about being big and brave and diving in.  What’s the VERY worst that can happen? You can do this BECAUSE you are building your business, your way on your terms.  It’s not a competition, it’s not a race and it certainly isn’t about you making comparisons all of the time because that’s just simply exhausting.

I have told the lovely ladies in one of my groups that they need to focus their attention within > what do they want? what does their business need to look like? who do they want to serve? how do they want to show up in business.  I have also said that if they are following people on Social Media that make them feel inferior or make them wobble as soon as their posts hits the newsfeed then they need to unfollow these page RIGHT NOW. No compromises here.  YES, on awesome Rockstar did say “but how will I know what the “competition” are doing?  How can I keep my eye on them? Pppffftttt, enough ALREADY! You aren’t in competition with everyone else and if you do NEED to keep an eye on what’s happening in your sector then choose to do that at times where you are feeling strong, don’t let their posts bombard you at any moment (perhaps when your feeling a little down, under pressure or vulnerable).

You don’t have to let yourself free of the fear alone either. You can get help & support that will help you to show up the way you decide to within your business.  Join a programme, get a Mastermind Buddy or seek the assistance of a coach (all the best coaches have a coach).

Ok, I am usually MISS BRAVEY PANTS and I am prepared to give most things a try within my business.  I have gone through the whole fear of judgement and visibility and come right out of the other side (some days I’m not so brave >> like when I woke up looking like Noel Fielding this week, no videos were going to be recorded that day). 

My fear has been, for the last 11 years, having to have an operation.  In 2004 I ended up in intensive care with a water infection, this very quickly developed into septicemia and I spent a week in intensive care in an induced coma.  I know, as I was getting better that I needed to make sure that I was afraid of hospitals and just 7 weeks after being discharged I visited my friend in hospital who had just had a baby.  I have gone on to have my own children in hospital and attend A&E on a number of occasions with them.  Both of my children have also had operations.  I have bravely taken them down to theatre and been with them as they feel asleep and as soon as they woke up.

BUT now I need an operation, GOSH now that’s a different ball game.  I have avoided it and avoided it BUT there’s no chance of avoiding it any longer.  It’s a decision that has to be made for ME, for my FAMILY and for my BUSINESS.  It’s not just about me and my fear anymore.

Can I do this by myself?  I don’t think so.  I’m not AFRAID to ask for HELP and I’m not afraid to seek out the right help to assist me.  That’s why I have getting the help of a hypnotist who has been working with me in order to assist me to get away from this fear.

Fear keeps you stuck, fear keeps you small and fear limits you.

It’s time to step away from the fear.

If you need help then seek it out BUT please don’t stay stuck in that old story.

I’m not prepared to be scared anymore, how about you?