Diving into creating a business can mean that we get super busy with the day to day, no time to look up, no time to checkin, stuck in the busy-ness BUT busy doesn’t always mean that we are doing the right things, focusing in the right places and achieving the results that we want. 

There’s also a whole plethora of things that go into the “ignoring this” kinda basket, either consciously or sub-consciously.  

I’ve taken about business killers before and here’s a quick recap kinda list; 

➡️ COMPARISON ~ getting yourself stuck in deciding where you sit next to other people, whether they are more “professional” than you and make you feel wobbly. Remember to mind your own business (literally and metaphorically). Eyes on your own stuff, you have no idea what their aims and objectives are, you don’t know what their plans are and you’ll always be a step behind if you are trying to copy the path of another. BEAT YOUR OWN DRUM, TRAMPLE YOUR OWN PATH AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

➡️ EGO ~ whooooooossssshhhhhhh getting stuck in ego and filtering everything through the lense of ego is going to keep you stuck. Please know though that self confidence and the ability to show up doesn’t have to be laced in ego. You can be authentic, compassionate and shine your light without falling into ego and peacocking around.

➡️ COMPLACENCY ~ you can’t rest on your laurels in business. Business and strategy needs to evolve and develop. Don’t take anything for granted AND IN PARTICULAR don’t take your audience for granted.

➡️ THINKING YOU’VE NAILED IT ~ A little bit like above! For me I make sure that I continue to be critical of my work. Now critical isn’t about beating myself up and saying my work is shit, it’s about looking at how you can continue to evolve and develop your work

➡️ WITHDRAWAL ~ You simply can’t withdraw from your work. It’s important that your energy and attention is within your business. Your energetic charge and passion for your business is palpable and it’s important that you inject it in there. YES, you can get help, YES, you can outsource, YES you can schedule some of your work in advance BUT you shouldn’t withdraw!

➡️ UN-ALIGED ~ if you don’t feel it, if you’re not passionate about it, if you’re not excited by it then it’s time for a rethink. One of my regular mantras is IF THE MIND AIN’T ALIGNED THEN THE ACTION IS IRRELEVANT.

➡️ GREED WITHOUT THE RIGHT MOTIVES ~ If you are purely hustling for more cash ALL THE TIME then it’s going to show. Your crowd will start to feel like a walking purse and that you are simply looking to tip them upside and empty them of cash regularly. Money is a very fickle motivator too.

➡️ STAYING IN DRAMA ~ don’t get stuck in drama or negativity. It’s important that you don’t get wedged in the drama. Look at what you can do to move forwards and make sure you are selective about the circumstances and situations that you are putting your time, effort, energy and attention into.

BUT today I want to dive a little bit deeper whilst also helicoptering out into the overview of it all. 

Let’s go….



You are the BIGGEST asset in your business.  You are the heart beat of your business, pumping all the yumminess into ALL areas of your business.

You are pivotal to all that’s going on.

This might make you grin and smile or it might just make you recoil in terror.  It’s not about it being a big old pressure, it’s actually quite liberating when you start to examine it.

What’s important is that you are caring for the biggest asset in your business.  If you bought a big, fancy dan, all singing, all dancing computer you wouldn’t kick it every time you walked passed it now would you?

The energy that you put into your business is palpable.  When you pop sick energy into your business you make your business sick.  When you pop angsty energy into your business you make your business angsty.  When you pop amazing, good, positive and progressive energy into your business, you guessed it, you make your business full of zing!

One of the things that I see A LOT is entrepreneurs who are riding the wave of burnout.  They are self neglecting (not consciously mostly) as their business has taken a priority.  Your business can feel incredibly dependant on you and it can feel like a constant whisper to do more, work harder, just finish the next project blah blah blah. This results in us sitting at our desks for longer and longer.  Getting inside of our heads more and more and simply feeling like we have become a slave to the business (even though we don’t feel we are getting anywhere near the results that we deserve for all the efforting we are putting in).  I hear you.  I didn’t sign up to be self employed to be chained to my desk.  I know that the heady dreams included FREEDOM and CHOICE and with the constant message of having to hustle, having to “do your time” and how smart people are at their desks at stupid o’clock it can get so easy to get caught into the cycle.

I self neglected hugely during my entrepreneur journey.  I prioritised business & family over self to the extreme.  I actually avoided anything around self.  In essence, and if I’m really honest, I didn’t know who I was anymore or what excited me or lit me up.  I was “ok,” don’t get me wrong.  My business was making good money, I had (have) a gorgeous family BUT I was exhausted, I was uncomfortable and I’d got lost along the way.

It DOESN’T need to be this way.  I pinky swear.

I have totally changed the way I prioritised my energy AND it’s paid dividends (literally).  Being able to show up with zing and energy has made me more creative, more productive, more able to support other people.

You health, fitness & wellness really is your wealth.

You can grab your FREE Tip Top Energy Checklist which is jam packed full of super easy to implement strategies that can help you start to recover your energy reserves and make you feel a whole tonne better….

Your Core Message 

As you develop and grow in business you evolve and change.   

Whilst most people are frightened of change because it often equals uncertainty in their mind the truth is that change is the only certainty. 

A good one to check back in with what your core message really is, taking into account of where you are right.  If your business was to be cut in half – what’s the Blackpool Rock message on the inside? 

Now, as entrepreneurs we are always taught to think about outcomes rather than processes but the core message is actually the opposite of that.   The core message is more process lead in it’s approach and is effectively the anchor within your business.  

What is your Mastermind Specialist Subject?  What is it that you truly do? 

Ask yourself these questions, muse over it or journal it out to see what comes up for you.  

Whilst results and outcomes are super important when we talk about our products and services it’s also VERY important for us to nail what we do in order to give people the best opportunities of those outcomes.  Ultimately the outcomes are the ownership of the customer/client.  We are the guides, facilitators, enablers & catalysts for them to get there.  

What is it that you do? 

I’d love a muse on it and if it’s one that gets you super stuck then shout up and we can dive into it together.  

BUT, the reminder is that change happens and will continue to happen.  You’ll continue to develop and evolve and that’s a good thing.  Stagnant is smelly and we want to avoid stagnation at all costs! 

If you have a scared when it comes to embracing that evolution then you might want to get the free guide “The Change Matrix” that support you in the navigation of change….

Your Mindset

Well I could do FULL OUT quotes on this one.  One of my favourite mantras is “if the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant.” 

Mindset isn’t sexy.  Mindset often gets swept under the carpet.  I’ve written a whole stack of articles around this and I’ll pop you over to the “mindset isn’t sexy” blog to delve a little deeper.  

It’s the one that we wanna sweep under the carpet and simply want to effort beyond BUT it’s in this list of most impactful things you mustn’t neglect for reason…

Your Crowd

Your crowd is ridiculously important.  These are the people around you, the people who have an interest in what you do and how you can serve them and ultimately they will be the people who will become customers.  

It’s super important that you are bringing together a crowd that feels aligned with that core messaging that you are creating.  No-one wants to work with bad fit clients.  

Think about the people who are around you now.  Is there a mismatch?  Are you attracting the kinda people that you’d love to work with?  

It might be that you’re super frustrated that you’re attracting people who aren’t buying.  

I know this is a super long one BUT I hope it got you thinking!!

You, your energy, your mindset massively impact the way you’re showing up in your business and in the world.  Then getting that core message nailed and attracting the right people are huge in terms of making your business a sustainable success ~ so check in with those bad boys periodically!

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