What should you be doing before the start of the year to make sure you get a new year off to a good footing in your business?? 

My biggest advice to all my clients has been REST!!! 

As business owners we are generally relentless AF.  We work hard.   We generally don’t give ourselves credit for all the things we do, all the things we’ve achieved and all the stuff that’s been going on throughout the year that we have successfully navigated.  

As humans we are much more attuned to hanging on to the negatives rather than revelling in the positives, – it’s a default setting and we are all buggers for it (to a greater or lesser extent).  We will brush off and shy away from the compliment, it being forgotten in milliseconds.  Yet someone says something (which we percieve to be << I only say that because it generally isn’t, we just made it mean that) negative and we will overthink that bugger until the cows come home.  

I have had stacks of conversations on the run up to Christmas with clients about just how far they’ve come. Giving them a wee mirror to allow them to reflect on the progress they’ve made and the achievements that have been nailed during the 12 months of 2022.  

Giving yourself a wee bit of credit can be a good way to use that restful period; 

➡️  What have you achieved this year?  Now my auto reaction to that is always “not a lot – pfftt” BUT that’s BS.  There’s been LOADS of achievements both professionally and personally in 2022.  I have to tease it out of myself but I know that they are deffo there. 

➡️  What have you learned this year?  Every year provides us with loads of lessons, having a wee dig into the lessons you’ve learned allows you to see the progress you’ve made, allows you to see how you’ll more successfully navigate things in the coming year.  

➡️  What are you going to leave behind in 2022? 

➡️  What do you want to be bring forth into 2023?

I use a pro-forma called The Shit Sorter with my gorgeous clients to sort through things – what are you going to stop doing, what are you going to keep doing and what are you going to start doing – shout up in the comments if you want a copy…

There’s absolutely NO shame in taking some downtime before a New Year.  There’s absolutely no need for you to sprinting off into the year, you’ll only end up burnt out before January is out.  There’s no need to try to get those ducks in a row, they’ll only dizzy off anyway 😉





Have an awesome one… 

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