Free, Instant Access, Workshop To Creating A New, Fitter, Healthier YOU! 

Some Questions I’m Asked All The Time….

How have you managed to make such a dramatic change?

How did you get started?

How do you stay motivated?

Tell me ALL your secrets!!

So, I will!

Let’s have a little background first.  In 2019 I made it my little quest to make some changes.  I was UNCOMFORTABLE!  I found it tiring to get up the stairs.  I was out of breath and extremely lethargic MOST of the time.  I was kinda dragging my weary butt through every day.

I was OK and life was good but I decided that I was going to back myself and make things EPIC rather than just ok!

I decided it was time to back myself.

Any of this sounding a little familiar? 

I made changes.

I worked on my mindset  massively and I lost 45% of my body weight.

BUT, the weight loss isn’t the whole story.

I found so much more than I lost.

I’ve put together a FREE little Workshop where I’m diving into what I did, what I learned, the hacks that you need to know and so much more.

HEALTHIER, FITTER, HAPPIER ~ let’s do this 🙌🏼

I know it might feel like there’s stacks of evidence that you can’t do, I know that you probably feel quite disheartened and that you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way.  You’re probably asking yourself why this is different.  I can say (and pinky swear) I totally felt the same.  I’m NOT going to be talking about deprivation or any “products” that are your number 1 fix.  I’m going to be sharing with you how you can implement little tweaks and changes that’ll bring about big shifts (in all sorts of ways). 


What Can You Expect From This Class?

Instantly Accessible For You Right Now

How Did I Start?

WHAT was the catalyst to all of this and how are you able to find your own catalyst! 


Oh my, this is a BIGGIE!!! Mindset is EVERYTHING and how can you tap into a whole heap of awesome determination & commitment 

What It Takes

What does it ACTUALLY take to make change happen?  What do you need to know, need to be mindful of and need to watch out for. 

The Elements

In order to create change we need to know the individual elements to make this happen and also how to approach them and how they interact with one another. 

Backing Yourself

How to make changes last, how to continue and how to navigate a new way of living. 


The Workshop is available right now! You can dive in immediately or save it until later.  There’s no countdown timer that says you’ve missed the boat BUT you gotta watch it as it might just be the thing that changes EVERYTHING for you!  

Your future self will thank you for this one for sure! 😀

Emma is one of the few people I’ve ever met who can meet me on every level, and be able to nudge, encourage and kick my ass at all of them. She has an ability to help cut through the nonsense, and provide exactly what’s needed to grow and support my business or my Self, just when I need it. A never ending source of guidance and actionable steps forward – I highly recommend having Emma in your corner.

Cat Knott

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