Three years ago Vicky Stanton had an idea, she wanted to create a planner, a planner that would work for busy business people, a planner that was practical and was that planner that she used on a day to day basis that made her more productive and profitable.

It seemed like a little bit of a pipe-dream.

The calendars swooshed over into a new year and never had the planner been birthed.

That’s until now!  Vicky decided that enough was enough and that she could either leave this bad boy on her to do list for another year OR she could crack on and make it happen. 

It was with giddy excitment that she skipped off and picked up the first print run….


It’s pretty lovely, I think you’ll agree.

Vicky has managed to bring together the planner that she had been dreaming about for years and at the time of writing this article she had pre-sold more than 33% of the first print run.

The moral of Vicky’s story;

  • That thing on your to do list won’t do itself 
  • You need to prioritise that goal in order to make it happen 
  • You can achieve anything you set your mind to
  • It’s not a pipe-dream, it’s all totally do-able

If you want to pick up a copy of Vicky’s planner then you can find it here >>click here<<

I’m super lucky to have my hands on one of Vicky’s planners, the planner is gorgeous to get hold of (you’ll know what I mean if you are a bit of a stationery fan).  The planner is very practical, there’s no fillers in there so if you are looking to be able to work through each day, have a plan for the day, be able to break the day down and break your tasks down then this is for you.  The planner is broken down into 90 day planning (a process that I encourage – plan the next 90 days BUT don’t micro manage and over plan beyond there).