The gorgeous Marie Fell was ready to take her business to the next level, she wanted to be able to help people who weren’t just in her locality and take her Pilates/Physio fusion teaching to a wider audience.

Marie knew she wanted to launch an online programme but was a little frightened of what was involved and the tech that she’d have to conquer in order to do it.  PLUS the whole scariness of putting herself out there AND what if no-one bought?!

Let me tell you that that is totally normal.  The ideas are there but the whole task seems super overwhelming.  So much to learn, so many obstacles to pass and so much self talk chatter as to whether or not it will be a success.

Marie signed up to the Limitless Launch programme, she beavered away and she made it happen.

Check out her post in the group recently….

“I just want to report in and say that I have just finished writing my first ever online course which went live on 17/10/2016 – woop woop! I’m feeling ecstatic as thought I wouldn’t get there.

I have sold 8 places to date which I am absolutely thrilled about as I worried that no one would – lol! Doing this has definitely helped me achieve earning my financial goal this month which has gone from earn a profit to earn a £1000 this month – a dream come true that I thought would never happen (probably peanuts to some but huge for me).

My business is growing from strength to strength and I am so grateful to have the support of Emma and all the lovely people in here. Keep going everyone – if I can do this you certainly can

Super proud of the steps that Marie has take and as she says – keep going!  If you dream of bringing together an online programme then it needn’t be a pipe-dream, get the help and support you need and go out there and make it happen.