Are weekends different?  If you had asked me that during my corporate days then my answer would have been “HELL YEAH!!!”  In the later part of my career in corporate I was a lady who lived for the weekend (ok, I just the word lady loosely 😂).

Now, I don’t live for the weekend because everyday is full of epicness and opportunity.  BUT weekends are still different.  There’s a different routine, the mini Rockstars are around more and we have memories to make & fun to have.  There’s different life comings and goings and different habits and routines.

Anyhaps, we are here to talk about content & weekends.

When I use the word “content” I know that it can be a “what does that even mean?” kinda word.  Content is everything that you use in your business.  Every blog, article, newsletter, social media post, every video, audio and interaction.  Your content is everything that’s publicly seen within your business and it’s the way that you connect with your audience on every level.  It’s a bit of a marketing bollock kinda word but I nice all-encompassing word at the same time.

The content you use in your business is vital to create connection, form relationships, nurture relationships and ultimately create sales.

BUT, should your content be different on a weekend? 

I think the general rule of thumb would be YES, you need to think slightly differently about what you’re putting out into the world on weekend.

The more specific answer is ~ it really does depend on your crowd.

Deciding If Your Content Should Be Different On A Weekend

Grab your journal and answer these questions ~ jot down what fires in your brain when you think about these things, what thought paths come up and unravel some answers that are bespoke to your business;

Marketing Ideas① Are weekends different to week days for your crowd? Do their habits and behaviours change?

② Are you crowd around at different times of the day on a weekend to consume your content? Do they have more or less time?

③ Do you need to consider being more lighthearted and humorous and create connection on a weekend?

I know that for my crowd they don’t want HEAVY kinda content on a weekend ~ by that I mean that they don’t really want to engage in things that are more complex, business strategy lead or serious.  Weekends for me a little more light hearted, they have a little more behind the scenes, funnies and general shenanigans and frivolity.

How To Craft Your Weekend Content Strategy

Again, strategy sounds a little official and I think that I do have a more fluid approach to my weekend content but here’s the things I’m thinking about;

🌟 Will I be busy doing non-businessey stuff over the weekend ~ if so I’m going to schedule some core posts to go out over the weekend.  That means that if I don’t post anything else then there’s some posts that are continuing to go out there to support my crowd.

🌟 I am thinking less about the times my posts are being released.  People aren’t expecting posts at certain times and I don’t have any regular features (at the time of writing this) that hit on a weekend.

🌟I’m considering the stuff that I can share in real time, real life thoughts/ideas and real life posts on what I’m getting up to on a weekend.

🌟Remember to still engage with your audience, it might not be that you respond immediately to people’s comments BUT do go back and enter into the conversation.

🌟 If your crowd have more time on a weekend then think about doing a bit of a “round up of the week” where you can highlight the best bits of the week gone by and what they can catch up on.

🌟Think visual ~ I love visually amazing content ~ those images that pop out in the newsfeed, capture attention and captivate people to get involved.

🌟What can you include that is a little more lighthearted? Where’s the weekend vibe fit into your posts?

🌟 If your crowd are more available and likely to buy on a weekend then make sure you are including that into your schedule.

🌟 Think about the events (local/national/international) that will give you an opportunity to connect with your crowd.

🌟 If your crowd a predominantly people who are employed then think about “payday weekends” and how that might just be a different weekend of the month.

Think about weekends as that time where you can continue and even enhance your relationship with your crowd BUT that it doesn’t have to be “business as usual” or “oh so serious.”

Do what fits with your crowd.

Test new things.

Try new frequencies of posting.

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