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Is This You?

^^^ Watch Into The Video Above ^^^ I wanna know if this is you? Are you standing in your own way? Do you have stacks of information and ideas that you could implement in your business? I know that if you implemented all that you already know and all the...

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How To Increase Sales In Your Online Business

^^ hit the video above ^^ to listen into the most common mistakes that people make that lead them to lost/low revenues in their online business. If you'd like a little bit of further help with this one then you might want to take a look at.... The Sales...

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GDPR ~ More About What You Need To Know

The new data protection regulations come into play on 25th May 2018.  These regulations are applicable to all business (whether inside or outside the EU) who hold data on individuals/businesses within the EU. As when anything new comes into play so does a whole heap...

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The Combobulation Conversations ~ Spiritual Business

Building a spiritual business has it's own set of challenges that kinda work in a little bit of a different way to other businesses ~ I get it.  Join me for 20 minutes as we chat about spiritual business...             p.s. The doors to Spooky School are opening...

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The Blog

You’ll find a whole stack of exclusive additional articles over on the blog.  Grab a brew and a notebook and dive in for a good read.

The Podcast

Grab your earbuds, take me anywhere. I’m particular good company in the background whilst you work, dog walks & school runs!

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