Launching isn’t easy ~ it’s ain’t for the lazy of bones & faint of heart.

Launching is a period of promotion/sales activity which you use in order to gain traction and momentum on your offering.

Now, whilst a launch period does feel physically draining it’s often the launch mindset that gets the biggest battering along the way.  There’s so much you need to be thinking about and, left unchecked, there’s so much that can result in a barrage of self talk that leaves you feeling incapable, unworthy and downright ridiculous.  Your mind can take you to some quick weird places during a launch period.

Here’s what you need to know;

Henry Ford Was Right 

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right ~ Henry Ford

So, here’s the thing ~ you have to set off into your launch with a passively good mindset.  You need to be excited about what you are going to be selling and you need to be confident in your offering.  If you aren’t confident in that thing that you sell then how can anyone else have any confidence in it either.  You are looking for your audience to have the confidence to part with their hard earned money and therefore they have to believe in what you’re selling and in order for them to believe it then you gotta believe in it too.

How can you sure this up?  I advise that you spend a little bit of time bringing together an “evidence base” about that thing that you’re selling and about that launch you are about to embark on.   Wobbles & self talk simply can’t live alongside evidence that they are untrue.   If you have evidence that they are untrue then those wobbles & that there self talk MUST quell and make way to the real life evidence.  Without evidence to the contrary your mind will seek out evidence that that there thing that you’re wobbling about is true, it’ll seek evidence to justify that those wobbles and that self talk is reality.  You will be massively distracted from what you’re meant to be doing and instead of being “all in” you will simply go through the motions expecting failure.

Spend a little bit of time writing down;

✔️ What you love about the product that’s subject to this launch

✔️ Why you’re super passionate about it

✔️ Feeedback/Testimonials you have received about that product (or similar products) from others in the past

✔️ All the reasons why you CAN achieve success

✔️ All the variables that are within your control

AND commit to yourself to look through this evidence base on a regular basis throughout your launch.   You also need to make sure that you aren’t distracted by self criticism and get back to your implementation work, in a high vibe, as quickly as you can if a wobble strikes ~ so keep the evidence base close by.

If the wobble strikes then play a game of truth or big fat lie ~ what you do here is you write down all of the launch mindset (and any other) wobbles/self talk that’s coming up for you and play a game of truth or big fat lie.  Writing down the wobble and taking it out of your head disarms it of it’s power/grip on you and you can no longer catastrophise what’s going on in your head.  You can then look more logically at it and decide whether it’s the truth or a big fat lie.  Chances are it’s BS!

Mid Launch Lulls 

This one is incredibly good for setting people off on a wobble and can actually result in people abandoning their launches all together.  It’s the point mid launch, where your enthusiasm may be waning a little and sign ups may slow down a little.

It’s normal to have a lull mid launch.  No-one usually tells you this stuff and that results in you thinking that you are lame and not doing things right.  You decide that all the sign ups have dried up and that you’re throwing in the towel.  It’s normal and it’s to be expected ~ the lull, not giving up.

Make sure you know it exists (you do now) ~ as this knowledge can bolster your launch mindset during these periods anyway.

When you’re looking at your launch plans make sure you have got some exciting activity going on mid launch so that you don’t feel so much of the stalling at this stage.

Know that the only way that the mid launch lull can effect you is if you give up.

Launch Fatigue 

Again, another REAL thing.   Something that sneaks up and bites your butt towards the end of the launch.  You’re tired, you’ve been talking about this thing for AGES and you feel a little bit wrung out.

As much as you need to be prepared and have a (FLUID BUT FOCUSED) plan for your launch period it’s also VITAL that you’re head’s ALL IN too.

You’re mindset can make or break a launch.

It can be the difference between going through the motions and achieving success.

It can be the difference between giving up and seeing it through.

It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

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Emma Holmes Rebels & Rockstars