When people start out with their mailing list and in business is very personal.

Every subscriber makes you feel warm & fluffy inside and every unsubscribe leaves you feeling desperately upset and like you’ve personally offended people.

It’s really normal to feel this way. 

I was talking to one of my Rockstars recently and said “would you rather have them on your list and be clogging up their inbox with something they don’t want to hear about, perhaps vexing them a little but all the same you plopping in there every week” or would you like to set them free with love & light.  It’s important to know that those people who unsubscribe aren’t the right match for you.  It’s not personal, it’s not a judgement on your value or worth, it’s simply the natural growth of your business.

  • You won’t be for everyone.
  • Some people will simply join your list in order to get your freebie and then will disappear (I’ve chuckled about this one in the past when people have signed up, got their freebie and then unsubscribed and not knowing that even more freebies were on the way to their email if they had only just waited a few moments).
  • You will outgrow some people.
  • Some people will decide that you are simply not for them.
  • Some people will find themselves on your list with more than one email address

It’s not personal. 

I’d rather you had a smaller list of people who were “into” you and wanted to hear more from you and would ultimately buy from you than a big list of disinterested people.

The size of your list is vanity & ego.  The sanity of your list is just how much those there are interested in what you have to say and ultimately what you have for sale.

It’s ok to feel that little pang of regret at the beginning but I guarentee you that this will desensitise quite quickly when you start to see that this is totally normal and that it’s the natural ebb and flow of your mailing list.

Now, let’s address the other one….


It happens.

I have had people mark my email as SPAM who have been people who are in similar businesses to me (narky perhaps) and people who I know BUT do you know what, again, these things happen.  Often it’s a case of fat fingers on a mobile phone and when they have asked to unsubscribe the option to mark as SPAM has been so close as a “yes” and “no” option that they have accidentally done it.

If it’s not accidental then it’s still ok!

Even if it’s malicious it’s ok.

As long as you aren’t getting masses of people marking your emails as SPAM it’s not going to cause you any difficulties and you know that you aren’t spamming people or adding people to your list without their consent.

Make sure your emails are written directly for the people who you are best set to serve, fill them full of value and look after your subscriber list and you won’t go far wrong.

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