Have you ever looked at your social media and felt like there’s simply tumbleweed floating through it?

Like you are shouting down a deep dark hole and no-one can hear you?

You look on to others who are getting “reactions” and comments galore and wonder what on earth you are doing wrong?

Tumbleweed Social Media is bad for your mindset.  It results in you doubting your own abilities and whether or not your message is something that anyone wants to hear.  The odd reaction that you get is from friends and family, which you feel is totally out of obligation and they aren’t going to buy from you anyway.  You feel that people will soon get sick of what you are putting out there and best case scenario will be that you start pissing people off.  WHAT IS THE POINT!

So, with a feeling of rejection ringing in your ears, questions placed directly on your (businesses) self worth and a heavy heart you cross your fingers and keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s hard not to look on in envy at those who seem to have a buzzing social media presence.

The thought of jacking in social media and looking for an alternative crosses your mind.  It’s something you are angst-ing over far too much now.  If you were honest you are spending more time cross with your social media strategy than you are spending on the strategy it’s self.

Things have to change.

I want you to know that it’s still perfectly possible to build an engaged community of followers on Social Media.  Facebook still has organic reach up for offer if you are prepared to just take a different view of your posting strategy.  Yes, Facebook is a business and makes money from advertising with them BUT it’s not the only way to get seen.

Let’s have a little rundown of the most common mistakes that result in tumbleweed Social Media;

Broadcasting Rather Than Communicating

This isn’t a one way street.  Don’t talk AT people, talk TO them – engage them in dialogue, create a discussion and start to think about bringing a community feel to your discussions – make them feel part of what you’ve got going on.

How do you do that in reality?  Ask questions, respond to comments, encourage them to share their views on something or their experiences.  When you are looking to engage in communication then make sure you lighten up a little.  It doesn’t need to be related to your business – you can ask things as simple as “what star sign are you” to get the conversation started.  Make sure your questions are easy and people don’t feel like they can get them right or get them wrong.  (In my book – Facebook With Soul I share 101 questions you can ask on your Facebook Page).  Write a list of 5 questions now which you can ask in the coming weeks on your page to start to get people involved.  You can also ask a friend or peer to answer the question first to get the ball rolling as often people feel more comfortable if they aren’t the first person involved.  It may take a few goes to get a mass of interact but keep taking those steps.

If people take the time to get involved on your Page then please don’t ignore them – keep those doors of communication open.

Let people know that you are happy to talk to them – invite them to message your page, email you or reply in the comments so that they feel like the door to communication is open.

  • Talk to and not at
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t ignore those who interact with you.

Automation v Scheduling

OK, so here’s where I see the difference here.  Automation is where you set up a system and things happen magically, the become extremely detached from the content and in fact have little idea about what’s going out when.  Scheduling means that your social media is still injected with your personality and you are actively involved in the sharing of the content – all be it that it releases on a certain date at a certain time.

Don’t get energetically detached from your message because others will feel that.  I have fallen into this tap a couple of times on my quest to systemise elements of my business and the results have been a downward turn in quality and connection (it’s one I’ve fallen into on Twitter on a number of occasions – but no more!)

Personality Over “Professional”

I’m using the wiggly finger air quotes here when I say professional but we could interchange the word with boring, vanilla, beige – whatever you fancy (but it doesn’t work as well with the word personality ????)

Do I get a good feel for the person behind the business when I look at your social media timeline?  Am I getting to see a little of your personality injected into there.

How do you do that in real life?  I make sure that you get to see my face (whether you want to or not) every few posts on my social media platforms.  I use images of me to create memes and blog images and I regularly turn up on video.  That means that people can create a connection with me, they can get a feel for who I am and what I’m like.  Scoot through your timeline now and note how often you can see you on there.  The next thing is share your story – who are you and why do you do what you do? Share real life stories – I often use stories from my real world in order to illustrate a point.  Behind the scenes pictures so people feel like they are getting a sneaky peek!

Use Video

Ok so I have mentioned it briefly above but using video in your marketing is a great way to connect with people and to keep that connection.  People then see that there’s a person behind the brand.  I don’t often feel like I’ve formed a relationship with a logo but a real life person – YES!!

My Top Tips

✔️ Use a picture of you as your profile picture

✔️ Don’t always seek to send traffic off platform (i.e. don’t always share a link in your posts to your website).  There’s a place for links but not in every post as it will effect your reach and mean that your sole purpose is driving traffic rather than creating relationships.

✔️ Ask questions (but definitely easy ones to start with)

✔️ Mix up your content – don’t exclude a type of content simply because it’s the worst performing on your page.  Mix it up and use all the content types available (including video)

✔️ Show a little of yourself and let people in behind the scenes.

✔️ Use images that will stop people in their scroll.  People mindlessly scroll through social media – use images with impact that will stop them in their tracks

✔️ Educate or help or showcase on platform – so whilst you don’t want to always be driving traffic it’s ok to education and help people on platform – I look at these as kinda mini blogs that I share and I mix it up as to whether I share them with or without an image.

✔️ Remember everyone who likes your page doesn’t see everything that you put out there so stop fretting about pissing people off.

✔️ Be consistent – a consistent social strategy is sooooo important.  Not only do you need to be consistent BUT you also need to post regularly (as everyone doesn’t see everything you put out there).

✔️ Don’t be so serious

✔️ Consider whether you change the types of posts you share on an evening or a weekend.  I certainly have a very different strategy for the things I share over a weekend and it works a treat ????

✔️ Ask people what they’d love for you to share – it doesn’t have to be formal survey or anything like that, simply ask your followers and fans, your clients or people you come into contact with what they’d like help with

✔️ Write every word for YOUR fan base, be super clear on who you’re talking to and speak directly to them

✔️ Don’t think you need to pad things out – people YES wanna be social on social media but they are also VERY busy and attention spans are often short.

✔️ So I use videos slightly differently – lives are about engagement and interaction and people feeling part of something, pre-records are usually more educational and taking you through a subject/topic.

✔️ Sign off your Facebook posts – I sign all of mine off “Big Love, Emma ???? xx”

So when someone cries that VISIBILITY word at you – it’s not just about going through the motions.  It’s about starting to create a connection with your audience, build a community and make stuff happen.


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