There’s stuff that people don’t tell you in business (and there’s stuff that you will be told that’s simply not true.  So I decided to dive into 10 truths you need to know in business.  Here we go…


My first truth…


Don’t ever be afraid to change things up!! If something doesn’t feel right right now in your business then that needs addressing! You need to work out where the chafing is occurring and what you can do about it. 


Developing & evolving your products and services is an important consideration in your business.  As you develop, evolve and change it might be that you want to make tweaks to your offering.   You don’t have to make changes for the sake of making changes but keeping a sight line on what feels aligned, what feels off and what might need some tweaks and changes is vital.  

In at number two (of the harsh but fair truths) 


You ain’t going to suddenly see the cha-ching of payment notifications overnight if you’re not showing up & serving your audience.  You either gotta show up or shut up 😂  Harsh I know.  But we can’t complain about the results that we didn’t get from the work that we didn’t do.  


This one sounds simple doesn’t it ~ just show up, she says 🙄😬


It might be that you are overthinking everything and tying yourself in knots.  It might be that you’re scared to show up because if you actually put that effort in then you don’t have a reason why you didn’t get the results.  


It might be that you’ve got yourself stuck in this buffering zone of inaction.  




Success doesn’t show itself by magic.  


Next, in at number three 


No matter what Social Media platforms tell you they are not seeking to do you any favours.  They are only invested in their interests and the consideration to you as a business owner, content creator and consumer is only insofar as it meets their business objectives 😱 Wowser!!  But yeah 😮  We have to always look at our business objectives when using social media.  It’s an epic medium of marketing and a wonderful way to connect with the world.  The platforms will always (& constantly) change & evolve.  They develop their platforms based on their business objectives.  There’ll be times where they look to appease their users but this is exactly what they are doing, appeasing ~ not changing their intentions.  


Social Media platforms are a business.  Yes, they are interested in their customers but there decisions are about increasing and progressing their business.  


I don’t think that it is even remotely bold to say that YOU give much more of a shit about your customers than the social media platforms do 🤐


Like I say, it’s not to say I don’t ADORE social media.  I just see a lot of people feeling that the platforms owe them something and don’t see them as a business in their own right.  


I’ve been on Social Media for a long time as a business owner, I have seen the hay day of reach & of being able to get adverts working for fractions of a penny per click/like etc.  Do I feel aggrieved that it’s not like that anymore?  It’d be nice but it ain’t gonna be that way and being angsty that it isn’t is NOT a good use of my energy! 

In At Number Five 


The basics are boss!! The shit that never goes out of fashion, that’s not thrown about by other businesses intentions and that are much more within your control are the stuff that might not seem sexy AF but they rock!! Quality content, your website, your blog, your newsletter/email marketing << this stuff rocks! 


This ain’t permission to disappear off social and not show up (see number 2) but please don’t neglect this stuff! It’s the solidity in your business! 


In At Number Six 


It’s easy for them.


Jeez, this one gets my nark on! 1️⃣  how do you know how easy or hard it’s been for someone else?? 2️⃣  everyone finds different things easy or hard depending on their skill set, personality type etc etc 3️⃣  things always become easier the more you do them 4️⃣  you never know a full story  5️⃣  you’re comparing apples with fridge freezers a lot of the time!! 


Stop deciding who it’s easy or hard for. 


I know this is never the intention but effectively when using the it’s easy for them people are also saying it’s so much harder for me. << Is that the dialogue you wanna write and bring into fruition?? 


Eyes on your prize. 


Progress from where you are. 


Work on your stuff! 


In At Number Seven 


I’m behind!! 


What exactly are you behind?????



Chances are that the only thing you’re behind is your own expectation and if your expectation makes you feel you feel like shit then you might need to have a chat with that bad boy.
Now, no one expects more of me than me BUT I also need to look at the way I treat the employees within my business and what kinda boss I’m being (to myself) and decide whether it’s the kinda boss I wanna be.

And number eight (Shit, are you bored yet??) 

IT WON’T WORK FOR ME BECAUSE…………(add in any BS you wanna here)
Here’s the thing, purely dismissing shit as “it won’t work for me” is short sighted. It may not work for you in the format you have seen it but I work with lots of gorgeous Rockstar with the line “what’s my version of this” and “what would it take for me to……..(add in whatever they are seeking to achieve)”
Business has a manakin – the core concepts that are there that will help all businesses thrive. I teach Rockstars what that biz manakin is and then how they can dress it in their style so that it’s a head turner for their crowd.

In nine 

Stop discounting shit before you’ve ever even told anyone about it. 
And don’t pretend it’s a discount when it’s really just as much as you feel comfortable charging. 
And don’t add a surprise different payment plan/strategy in at the end of a launch on the premise that people have asked for it but it’s actually part of your launch strategy and people see you doing it over & over again. 
Whilst, I’m all for a bargain, don’t constantly discount otherwise you train people to never buy at full price. 
Oh, the pricing one I could go on forever and ever about! 

OK, So I’ll Stop At 10! 

I don’t have time for a day off.
I might forget what I was doing or where I was up to if I down tools.
You have to hustle your butt off until you see success.
Continuing to push, working harder and harder, getting deeply frustrated that you ain’t getting back what you’re putting in, getting absolutely fucking exhausted, creativity feels like the dregs at the bottom of the barrel now.
You can’t afford not to look after you within your business.
You are the biggest asset in your business.
Treat yourself that way.
Your business isn’t milk. It’s not going to go off if you pop it on the side for a bit.
You won’t forget where you were up to.
You won’t end up behind (more of that one in a mo) and you won’t see it all crashing down around you.
Sometimes this one stems from imposter syndrome – a fear of being found out so having to be ever present at the business coal face so that that isn’t the case. This isn’t the case lovely. You’ve got this and you don’t need to prove to anyone that you’re working hard.
Sometimes it stems from that place of feeling you need to prove yourself – again, you don’t and who’s this imaginary person you’re trying to prove yourself to and what exactly are you trying to prove?

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