Whoop there t’is!!

I used to kinda think about this one a lot.  I was told to trust my intuition and trust my gut but frankly I had no idea what it meant or how on earth to differentiate it from other feelings.

I kinda took it with a pinch of salt and kept on keeping on.

I would sometimes listen to what I was being told (from the inside) but sometimes I would readily dismiss it as nonsensical or ridiculous.  How could I quantify making a decision based on my intuition.  That wasn’t sensible.  That wasn’t following a business strategy and being “professional.”  That was winging it, was it not?!

So it took me a little while to tap into this thing intuition and totally trust it.

I started to become must more mindful of it, consult it and check in with it when I had decisions to make.  I soon worked out that the times that I didn’t trust my gut were the times that I fucked up and it all went a bit tits.  The times I failed to listen my ego stepped in and made stupid decisions (in hindsight).

So – What Does It Even Mean?

For me it’s an inner knowing.  It’s palpable, I can feel it.  I can feel the right answer or the decision that I need to make.  It’s something that just IS.  It’s important to differentiate it from fear as often we can say something isn’t for us because we are scared.  I find that fear manifests as thoughts and self talk rather than a feeling (don’t get me wrong, fear can whip up into physical symptoms BUT predominantly you are talking yourself out of something in order to stay safe).

So, to check it wasn’t my ego defining intuition I asked some friends…

Intuition is that way a body has of knowing something without having to explain it or reading it out. Like your gut feeling, it knows when somethings bad or good and it sends your signals to match – Trudie Core – Indigo Grace 
As your inner voice that doesn’t necessarily speak but more makes you reach out and feel the truth of the energy around you and what’s going on  – Andrea Lancaster – The White Witch 
Gut feeling, inner knowing – Trudy Brookes – Awakening Touch 
When I just know something without evidence or even consciously thinking about it. It’s a “feeling” that I know to be true. Mojo!
So, we get the pictures and we are all on the same page!
So?  Are you trusting your gut?
I think it’s a gradual process.  I think that at first it’s difficult to distinguish ego from intuition BUT I promise that the more that you practice the easier it will become.  I can make some decisions immediately as gut decisions as I have a very STRONG inner knowing about whether they are right or whether they are wrong.  Some decisions take a little longer.  I have taken to writing through what comes up for me when I think about the particular circumstances, situation or conundrum that I am faced with.  I also use the decision making framework which is set out in my “How To Make Good Decisions Sheet” (you can get a copy of that here).

Practicing listening might involve:

  • Mulling things over and see what comes up when you think about it (be mindful to sort through the chatter and the feelings)
  • Journalling – I find this one epic and I shy away from journalling in it’s rules ladened format but I allow myself to capture everything that comes up (there’s often gold in there).
  • Meditating – now you don’t have to be in a place to practice meditation “properly” and spend hours with a clear head.  I know that lots of you find meditation really difficult as you think that there are these rules that the mind has to be totally free of thought.  I don’t feel it does.  The mind simply needs to be still and settle a little in order that you can work out what you intuition is saying amongst the chaos.

When you first start to walk the path of trusting your intuition it’s often a really good idea to check that feeling with someone who is very conscious and not directly invested in the situation.  This will mean that you can start off by having a little more confidence in it being the right thing for you and then you’ll need to check in less and less as your confidence grows.

What happens if you don’t listen – usually your intuition will tell you “TOLD YOU SO!” right when the shit hits the fan!