We all tell ourselves little stories from time to time.  

We like to throw out a little yarn about a set of circumstances or stuff that’s going on.  Sometimes we are telling the story to anyone who will listen, sometimes we simply beat ourselves up with it.   It’s the stuff that we constantly internalise which has the biggest impact and that keeps us stuck.

One of the common one is “I’m so behind.” I explored this one in a recent Facebook live which you can view here but the essence is (if you haven’t got time to watch in) – behind what??  What is it that you seem to be telling yourself you are behind?  Someone else’s business?  Your own goals and targets? That stick that you beat yourself with?  The truth is that you are in the perfect place for you RIGHT NOW and it’s time to work out how you can move forward from here.

Another one that I often tell myself (a little tale I revive every now & then) I HAVEN’T GOT ENOUGH TIME and do you know what that does, it attracts even less time into my world.  You have the same 24 hours as everyone else.  Those 24 hours are certainly not just for working and sleeping.  You MUST make sure that you aren’t the worst boss in the world BUT you also need to be quite precious with your time and patient with yourself.

Despite what people tell you no-one builds a ridiculously big business overnight (#sorrynotsorry).  You need to work on your business and you need to give it attention.  You can become an overnight success but lots of ground work and hours goes into that, what I mean is that once you BOOM you often boom quickly > it’s not truly overnight!

I now must implement habits and structure into my business so that my time isn’t eaten up by the unimportant stuff and that I am truly using my time to do the stuff that’s super important and nourishing to me & to my business.  You need to think about this too.  Outsource the stuff you are not good at (please don’t bork here about loosing control or spending money frivolously, it’s essential to your business growth and at the outset it might be bits and pieces here and there BUT you’ll be amazed at what you can do in a very little amount of time if you have focus and structure).

I also work within my creativity now instead of trying to force things.  So often I would have sat for hours in the past, sat there with a complete block to writing a blog or a newsletter and sending 4 hours straining out something mediocre.  NOT ANYMORE.  Now, when I’m in the mood to write it will flow from me and I can birth 10 blogs in a day.  If you aren’t in the mood then it’s time to back off and do something else.

Remember, the stories we tell ourselves become our reality and we really need to be a little kinder to ourselves.