What does it even mean to be visible in your business?

  • Are you hiding?
  • Do you feel like you are shutting yourself off and firmly placing your head behind a cushion (or your logo)?

It might be that you aren’t even doing it intentionally and without thinking you are just not being seen. It’s so easily done. It’s so easy to pick the polite little bits of the puzzle and go about your work everyday with your head firmly hidden behind your computer screen. We can work in our yoga pants, PJs and without a dash of makeup hitting out face if we want to, which is super cool but it’s not a permission slip to stay hidden in your business. Now, I’m not suggesting that you need to get suited and booted with a full face of makeup every day in order to be visible in your business.

So what are the benefits of visibility?

  • People will get to see WHO you are and put a FACE to the brand.
  • People will find it much easier to develop relationships with you and your brand if they are putting a face to the name, a voice to the face and mannerisms to that voice.
  • You will stand out, because no-one else can be you lovely.
  • You can speak more directly to your fans. You can take centre stage in your business.
  • You will get increased engagement because people will see that they are talking to a real person

A Rockstar needs to take CENTRE STAGE

You ain’t the support act here, you are the main attraction, YOU are the best placed person to help your audience, you are the person that can make such a difference to the world of your fans.

If you are hiding then you are doing your audience a disservice.  You are leaving them without the opportunity to improve their life/business.  You don’t want that now do you?

A little play on the  lyrics, it’s time to see your true colours shining through, your true colours and that’s why they’ll love you. Don’t be afraid to let them show, they are beautiful like a rainbow (sorry if that becomes a little brain worm and gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)

So what can you do to start showing your true colours in your coaching business?

  1. Make sure that the profile pictures you are using on Social Media are pictures of you.
  2. Have some professional pictures taken so that you can use them in Memes and other marketing.
  3. Make sure your image and personality is stamped all over your website and social media platforms,
  4. Make sure you are letting yourself shine on your “about me” page on your website
  5. Record videos for your crowd to use on your website and social media, hints and tips are great videos that will give you visibility and credibility.
  6. Be brave, dare to be different.
  7. Post confessions and honest accounts of your story/your journey and how you have got to where you are today.
  8. Let people have a little look behind the scenes, post pictures of your work space, the things you are getting up to or projects you are working on.
  9. Sign off your Facebook posts with your name so people can see that there’s someone behind that brand.
  10. Record a video, just a couple of minute long that introduces people to WHO you are.

Rockstar Dare – pick one of the 8 ways to be more visible in your business and implement it TODAY!

It’s time to show up & shine!