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Buckle up lovely, this might be a long one. If you haven’t got time to read it right now then hit the three lines in the top right hand corner and save it for later as it’s super important that you hear this stuff. I KNOW that mindset work ISN’T sexy and I also know that mindset work can often keep you super stuck. I see so many people that take on mindset advice from parts of the industry that are invested in keeping you stuck and that the affirmations or practices suggested can actually compound the stuck and spiral you into a worse mindset than you started with.

The BIGGEST blog of 2019 was all about how self employment damages self esteem (shout up if you’d like to take a look at that one) and the most popular podcast has been Mindset is Bullshit (again, if you haven’t listened in and would like to then just yell). MINDSET is EVERYTHING (caveat ~ done in the right way). Everything I’ve ever changed/implemented and had success within has all boiled down to my mindset at the end of the day. One of the quotes I use often is IF THE MIND AIN’T ALIGNED THEN THE ACTION IS IRRELEVANT. It’s hard (at best) to implement change and action steps to their biggest and brightest without belief and a rock solid mindset. Too many business owners are the ones standing directly in their own way. Here’s some nuggets that might support you.

🌟🌟 Do or do not, there is no try ~ yup, a quote from Yoda but one I’m deeply passionate about. Don’t come to me and tell me you’ll try. Saying you’ll try is already, subconsciously, giving you an out. It might not happen in the way you’d expect, it might not to be linear but when you commit TO DO then you’ll get there.

🌟🌟 Look at what you CAN do rather than focusing on what you CAN’T. This one is huge. This one will allow you to stop getting stuck in the negative thoughts and where you feel you’re in lack. Always take the angle of what you CAN implement and get on with rather than what you can’t do.

🌟🌟 Work with yourself rather than against yourself. You’ll see stacks of advice about what you SHOULD be doing in order to be a success. The SHOULDs can keep you stuck. Start to learn about how YOU work best and work with it rather than trying to cram your sparkly self into someone else’s structure.

🌟🌟 Back your self. Like you cheerlead others, like you back your friends/peers/kids/strangers on the internet ~ give yourself the same backing and encouragement.

🌟🌟 Friend Not Foe. People get stuck in, what they label to be, a negative emotion. Use your frustration to fuel your fire rather than sit in a pity party. Shit doesn’t always go how you’d expect it to but you can always use is as a positive influence onto the future.

🌟🌟 Look at your squad. Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. You’re not an island in any of this and need others around you to help you continue to move forwards. Shout if you’d like to read the little article on this one.

🌟🌟 Make Things Non-Negogitable. We don’t talk ourselves out of OR have a whole load of mindset chitter chatter about putting the bins out, taking the kids to school etc. We just crack on and do it. Sometimes we add so many layers of whether we feel like it, what people will think and whether we can arsed into the mix. Sometimes we have to crack on. PLEASE NOTE ~ I am not saying here that you have to work relentlessly, when you’re ill or need a break!! It ain’t promoting hustle, it’s saying that sometimes you need to take the chitter chatter out of the equation. 🌟🌟 “but people are watching.” We do get hung up on what other people think. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop us going to the coffee shop or the airport (and they are the biggest people watching places in the world) ~ just saying

🌟🌟 Show Up ~ don’t hide from what you want. What you want wants you too BUT it doesn’t want to play a game of hide and seek.

🌟🌟 You don’t need what lots of people say you need. 5 year plan ~ not necessary. Fancy dan planner ~ not necessary. Your shit together ~ not even a real thing.

🌟🌟 I didn’t come this far to only come this far ~ A little one to keep the fire in your belly. I could go on a on with this one. Is it one you want me to diving into deeper and with more info/actionables? Let me know. Thank you for getting this far.

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