Social Media can be perplexing, cause headaches and induce a whole level of WTF followed by apathy.  You pour your soul into it and nothing seems to be “the thing.” 

Engagement is one of the ones that griped about the most.  I could spend an age chatting about this BUT I want you to have fast an easy actionables that you can crack on and implement with ease. 

What is Engagement? 

It’s one where there’s stacks of assumptions and presumptions but engagement on Social Media is calculated by the clever (or annoying ~ however you view it) computers and includes; 

➡️   People stopping their scroll at your post (are your posts eye catching in the feed? Think imagery and emojis to enhance that). 

➡️  People CLICKING on your post (not just a click on a link but also includes clicking on an image and also the “see more” “more” or “read more” bits at the bottom where they hide longer text – so are you mixing up the length & types of your content) 

➡️  People popping a “reaction” on your post 

➡️  People sharing your post 

➡️  People saving your post (you can encourage this on longer/valuable posts by telling people how to do it.  I will pop on a FB post “not got time for this right now/might need to refer to this later then click the three little dots in the top right and save it for later” or on Insta “click the little tag 🏷 at the bottom right and save this for later”). 

I know that it sometimes feels patronising BUT people do do what you tell them to the do.  Be careful of your languaging though as Facebook did get it’s knickers in a knot a little while ago about “forced engagement” so popping things like “shout up below” “I’d love to know……..” “throw in your views” etc are better than “comment below.”  

ALSO, know that people did go through a stage of hiding links in the comments, this doesn’t seem to make one jot of difference as they usually say in the post that the link is in the comments and the algorithm appeared to get wise to it AND you’re making it more difficult for your crowd to consume your stuff.  

Easy Ways To Get Conversations Rolling 

People don’t wanna get involved (generally) in massive comments, often don’t want to air their opinions, fear getting things wrong and often perceive themselves to be time poor when they are on Social Media.  Easy ways for them to get involved are often the frivolous ways BUT these do continue to grow know/like & trust and allow you to open a convo with people.  

Here’s some ideas; 

1️⃣ Throw in a GIF to represent……. I do a weekly GIF-off on a Friday and ask my crowd to throw in a GIF that represents the kinda week they’ve had

2️⃣  People love to share a picture from their camera roll – “show me your fav picture from this week/month” or “show me a piccie that represents x,y,z” 

3️⃣  Complete with auto text – always hilarious and always fun! I pop “Finish off this sentence by using the predictive text right in the middle” and then start the sentence.  For example I recently did “this Rockstar needs…” and get them finishing off the sentence 

4️⃣ HELP!!! People love to help! What can you ask them for help with?  It might be biz related i.e. “I’m thinking about writing these articles, which would you like to see first” and then list then as A, B, C etc or it could be that you need help to buy a present, find a service etc 

5️⃣  Share your favourite…… It could be quote, recipe, meal, business right now.  It could be a recommendations bomb or an ideas rift but both are good ideas for getting people involved. 

Hope that’s got some ideas flowing for you.

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