Wanna know what breaks my heart?  Well whether you’ve said “yes” or “nah, I don’t actually care” 😂to that question I’m going to tell you anyway! It’s that stacks of entrepreneurs are exhausted badgers.  They are coming so far down their list of priorities that they are never coming up for air.  

Let me tell you a little story….

Everything was dandy in my world.

I had a fab business, an awesome husband, fab family, lovely house and everything was OK 👌 all was dandy. BUT what if it could be epic? 🤔

What if I prioritised having fun? 😃

What if I wasn’t lethargic all the time? 😴

What if I wasn’t out of breath walking up the stairs?

What if I wanted to do more because I had more energy?

What if I prioritised adventure?

What if I embraced everything?


Surely I couldn’t! Did you not see the bit about being exhausted and lethargic exhausted 😴 😩 all the time?

I didn’t have the energy to go from ok to epic ~ or did I??????

Damn right I did!

My life has changed so much in the last year but it’s all stayed the same simultaneously. I still have a fab business (but it got even more fun), I still have an awesome husband (but we get to do stacks more together now and have lots of adventures), my family is still fab (well sometimes they aren’t ~ I’m not one of those parents that’s going say my kids never fight/get on my nerves/act up because they DO but we do more together now and mum isn’t always tired) – you get the gist.

I’m blessed, but I’ve taken action for life to be that way.

I made huge changes to my life & energy.  The energy that I can now show up in my business in is VERY different.  

I’ve brought together the Tip Top Energy Checklist to help you too.  

So, What’s The Tip Top Energy Checklist All About??

When You Need To Take Action

You might have felt exhausted for some time.  You might have put on weight working in front of a computer all day.  You might be feeling lethargic every single bloody day.  It might have even become so ridiculously normal that you no longer notice it ~ however it’s showing up for you then the time is NOW! The energy you put into your business is the energy it’s injected with.  Tired energy = tired business (you get the picture!)

Actionable Steps & Checklists

This ebook is diving into EXACTLY what you CAN do to make a massive impact on your energy.  We aren’t just talking concepts here but giving you actual actionable steps you can take to get that energy whizzing back. 

Rounds Off With A Bonus

What to do on shitter days is how we conclude all these gorgeous actionables.  Why?  Because life throw curve balls, shit happens and stuff does go as we’d planned BUT we always have a choice whether we are going to sit in it and wallow like a Hippo or we are going to shift that mood and crack on! You’re toolkit to navigating shitter days is included too. 

So, it’s time to get your hands on the checklist and get that Energy zooming all over the place!!

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